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Journal Journal: More on tolerance, open mindedness... 2

Following on the topic of the last entry ... Another post of mine which seems to cause similar knee-jerk reactions.

  • 2 new friends. (welcome!)
  • 5 new foes. (really open-minded of y'all...)
  • And moderators who want to punish people for having differing opinions - differing from their populist (and recently outdated) assumptions. I wonder if there are any open-minded people left here...
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Journal Journal: tolerance, open mindedness?

Anyone else expose their religious beliefs, and, within 24 hours, have others (yes, plural) put you on their "foes" list? And here I thought that not only are religious people a protected group from hate crimes, but that modern society was all about tolerance and accepting. I suppose that if you aren't politically correct, then we don't need to be tolerant nor accepting? <sigh>

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Journal Journal: /. mods 6

Sometimes, I gotta wonder if there is a significant population reading /. while still on drugs or something ... ok, so I can understand that someone may not quite follow Dilbert with this one, but "overrated"? Come on. That should at least rate one "Funny" mod. Or how about this one - insightful? Maybe a bit. But +4? Sheesh.

Oh, and while on the topic ... not that anyone cares, but those rare times I get mod points, I find myself with a bit of bias: I don't mod AC's up. Not because there's no point (i.e., no karma changes), but because if you really want to say something, I think that you should have the decency to say it with your name (pseudo-name) attached. In that regard, I suppose I disagree with the site owners...

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Journal Journal: Politics and Slashdot

Random musings...

  • Yes. I'm a Repub-fan.
  • No. I don't necessarily like everything that Bush or the Repubs do. Do you like everything that your chosen party does? Honestly?
  • No, actually, I'm not an American. Some of the things America does I may like, others I may not like, but, like it or not, America does impact most of the rest of the world, for good or for ill, so awareness of how the "world cop"/"world bully" operates is essential. I see no reason to complain about the fact that there is such a nation (England, France, and Spain viewed themselves similarly in the past, and became conquerors and empires), any more than I see a reason to complain about the existance of politics - again, something that is drastically affecting our day-to-day lives in so many ways.
  • Mods who insist on modding based on how much I agree or disagree with their views are being even less impartial than the news media.
  • Other posters who agree/disagree with me - that's fine. What I find incredibly interesting is the way that those disagreements (and agreements!) are phrased. Those who can express themselves with plain, polite language are amazingly rare on slashdot. At least when Bush, Iraq, or Microsoft are brought up, anyway. What is it about these things that cause so many people so much fear that their only method of expression is cussing and irrationality? If anything were to get me to move to Windows from Linux, it would be these people.

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