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Comment Kill it with fire (Score 4, Interesting) 538

The only real solution to the H1-B problem is to eliminate it entirely. If somehow it's true that finding talent is so hard that we need to import it, then institute a proper accelerated green card program for properly qualified folks and let them compete with Americans on equal legal footing. The H1-B program creates indentured servants who risk getting tossed out on their ear if they don't stay in line. That is the edge they have over American workers who are free to leave oppressive conditions. I think that is what companies want out of it, not the talent. Just look at who is actually hiring these folks for proof.

So no, raising the minimum H1-B wage is just theater. Kill the program and replace it with something far more fair for everyone involved. Well, except the greedy companies sucking the job out of life.

Comment Re:Resonating with Americans (Score 1) 184

I think it's funny that you think Clinton is saying "we're doing great." All I've heard is "we're doing better now than the last time there was a Republican in the oval office." Which is not the same thing.

Trump is a narcissistic, juvenile, puerile, mean, petty, scheming, lying bullshit artist who's most common debate tactic is variations on "I know you are but what am I?" Every time he calls Secretary Clinton "crooked" or "liar" my head almost explodes from the irony.

Comment Re:How convenient (Score 4, Insightful) 180

I can understand a personality fit problem, but complaining about 'the right experience' is nonsense. Look for flexible people who can solve problems and they'll pick up whatever your flavor of the month is. Has hiring really come down to stupid HR lists? Must have 3 years of X and 2 years of Y. Please. You should be looking for problem solvers, not people who fit some arbitrary magical list. Yeah, it's harder to evaluate for 'smart, flexible' person than to scan a resume but the result is much better.

Comment Re:Sadly, yes (Score 1) 301

I had refused to sign up for Facebook for ages, for all the good reasons there are. And then I figured out my mom was sharing news of my step-dad's dying of cancer and everyone had been supporting her but me. And THEN I figured out I didn't know my cousin's married name despite her celebrating her 25th wedding anniversary. There are principles and then there's just accepting that family matters and they probably don't care about the same crap you do where computers are concerned. I gave in though I still post nothing personal and have no interest in random new "friends" there.

Comment Re:Yeah (Score 1) 1116

So far, nearly all of the extra money from the productivity increases has gone to a select few at the top of the food chain. We are already working despite getting little reward. I don't actually expect that 90% of people will be satisfied with collecting enough money to eat and live in cheap housing. I think it's more likely that knowing you'll be able to feed your children no matter what means people are more free to try their hand at new things. More people can get educated, start businesses etc knowing that food and housing are taken care of. In fact, the few studies done so far seem to show that happens more than the 'smoke and play video games' does.

Comment Re:Yeah (Score 1) 1116

Actually productivity has gone up so much with automation and efficiencies that we have the opposite problem. When one person can do the job of 10, what do we expect he other 9 to do? Population keeps increasing so eventually there will have to be big changes. UIB is probably one of the least impactful ways to deal with an increasing number of people for whom there simply aren't useful jobs to do. They aren't going to peacefully starve to death.

Comment Re:Obligatory (Score 2) 669

I think this is a two edged sword. There are times when the venue for airing both sides really does lend more credibility to a topic than it deserves. Major news stations include the young earth creationist minister next to the PhD evolutionary biologist and ask them the same serious questions as if they both had the same likelihood of offering a factual answer.

There is a problem when the venue is so concerned with keeping the controversy alive (and keeping viewers' attention) that they don't tout the 20 years of study and research that one person has done vs. the bible thumping (or paid loyalties) of the other.

Comment Kickbacks? (Score 1) 181

I suspect, with no proof whatsoever, that it isn't completely transparent. They are possibly getting kickbacks of some sort from their whitelisted partners which makes it economically better for them. Obviously the submitter is correct from a purely technical perspective, but money changes the game. T-Mobile customers end up encouraged to use those services which are unlimited so there is value there to Netflix etc. I can believe they would pony up some cash.

Comment Re:At the Pinnacle of the GOP (Score 1) 735

>> Here's why people like Trump: he's honest.

He's enough of a showman to convince some people that he's honest. Every time I see him all I get is the impression that he has carefully crafted his rhetoric to appeal to the baser nature of an apparently large minority of this country. Every time he mentions the bible I cringe because it sounds so calculated. Every time he insults or lies about some easy to target group it sounds so carefully planned to whip up a frenzy. I can't understand how anyone thinks he's being "real" or "honest" except when he's bragging about being a guy who started out rich and got richer. It would be funny if it weren't so scary that people are falling for it.

Comment Re:H1-B program die die die (Score 1) 284

Is the job located in a good area and your pay scale comparable to the cost of living? I've gotten a zillion job listings that are totally nuts... move to San Francisco for a 30% pay raise and a 400% cost of living increase - Yay! Err. No. Good people expect good things. I have no idea the position or pay your company is offering, but don't judge the whole market by your circumstances either.

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