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Comment Re:Only? (Score 1) 153

Productivity is a measure of output for a given workforce, not working time. Japan's problem isn't one of people surfing the web at work, it's arcane hierarchical structures getting in the way of getting things done.

That's a very optimistic view of american "productivity" based on anecdotal evidence. The reality is that while there are a few places where american workers are actually rewarded for getting things done, most of them are rewarded based on time worked.

Most software shops I've worked in have been spending the vast majority of their workers' time on servicing technical debt, while promoting the people whose primary contribution was that debt.

Comment Re:GPU Improvements (Score 1) 293

From a professional point of view, the difference is actually even bigger. The latest generations of GPUs have a heavy emphasis on compute, which is a huge deal for a lot of professional non-linear editing, compositing, and color grading software. Converting raw footage into RGB is also extremely compute heavy, and is nowadays largely GPU based even for 8K Redcode.

It was badly designed for its intended market from the outset, so the trashcan monicker's spot on.

Comment Re:I disagree (Score 1) 234

Can you really not find other work? That seems unlikely for a technical worker these days. To put up with 24/7 duty with no extra pay is not something you should put up with. You should demand extra compensation, or leave.

That's why Amazon has such high turnover and is experimenting with a 35-hour work week also...

I disagree. When I was younger I worked 50-80 hour (or longer) weeks.

I worked with people like you, and discovered very quickly that even though a lot of the people I was working with who were working a lot more hours than I was had quite a bit more experience, I was getting a lot more done. And helping them get their stuff done. And rewriting their stuff when it didn't work due to simply being very badly written. And all that in spite of working a lot fewer hours.

It's not like i never take time for vacation, then or now (sometimes a lot). But I don't think there is any value mandating a cap on possible work, I feel like that is the best way to ruin and country and economy and frankly, a whole generation of people.

Reality says the opposite. Never keep overtimers on staff. Ever. The negative work they produce wastes the time of the competent workers, and just slows things down. Teaching people that overtime ok ruins them for the industry as a whole, and it's bringing the entire industry down.

Comment Re:Slippery slope (Score 2) 234

Americans tend to work too hard, and are generally afraid of being labeled lazy, so they work so hard that they miss out on opportunities in life.

They also tend to accomplish a lot less. The ones who work the most hours are invariably the ones creating the most negative work, and they're also the ones getting promoted, leading to a downward spiral. More asses in seats, but less getting done. That's why the US is no longer a leader in many fields, other than how warm we keep our seats.

Comment Re: Semantics (Score 1) 837

The problem here is that explanations don't do squat for imbeciles. You've already stated that you are basically choosing your beliefs based on what you wish is true, so you clearly have no value. There is an astonishing amount of information out there based on observations that confirms that the only thing that the actual scientists have gotten wrong is to underestimate the sheer stupidity of humanity.

Comment Re:It'll sort itself out. (Score 1) 421

There are in reality two kinds of people when it comes to environmentalism:

Environmentalist and idiots.

In other words, if you don't believe that taking care of our environment is critical for the survival of the species, than you're an idiot... and probably couldn't figure out why your goldfish would die if you didn't change the water periodically.

Comment Re:Supply and Demand (Score 1) 605

I've been a software engineer for a long time myself... been hating the industry for years. I'd never advise anyone to go into this field. I always tell them to start reading Dilbert... and that it's a sugar-coated version of reality, rather than fiction. For the real thing, I send them to the DailyWTF, which hopefully would lead anyone worth anything to run screaming from this field of shit that is the world of corporate idiot tech.

Comment Re:Investment (Score 1) 605

Oh and lastly my own personal favorite... I turn 38 years old this year. I now regularly get asked 'Why are you still in IT?'

I get asked that quite a bit also... and my only response is that it paid the bills. Lately, it hasn't even done that. It's miserable work, 90% of it inheriting sheer idiocy instead of doing work that's worth my time, and the work environment is typically terrible. I hate and despise the industry, but its been paying the bills. Hiring lately however has been insanely slow, probably exacerbated by lots of contractors having their contracts end at Microsoft due to the new hard limit on contractor tenure, plus the large layoffs...

Comment Re:My Argument (Score 1) 125

Clearly then, productivity is going down, not up... working longer hours is not an increase in productivity, which means that the metric is broken. It IS slavery, and I'm amazed that you put up with 75 hour weeks for a year without bailing. I've run into people who were proud of doing that; they weren't just incompetent, they were outright destructive, partly because they were so completely incompetent, but also because the management measured competence by the number of hours people were working.

More people need to realize that if they're working slave hours, then they're wasting their lives, regardless of their salaries.

Comment Re:memory loss defence? (Score 1) 602

If the severance package isn't spectacular, than anyone signing that is basically an idiot, unless the demand to have that clause stricken. Odds are however, since it stipulates "reasonable availability" and no compensation that they'll get no help from any of their laid off staff who are employable, since they'll get jobs. The best will of course simply quit rather than accepting the insult of training their replacements who the bank is already admitting will not be competent enough to do the job they were hired for.

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