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Comment Why the fuck does a PIN pad get the bank details? (Score 4, Insightful) 162

They implement Chip and PIN with the chip being a mini flash drive with all your shit on it ready to steal and a PIN authenticator that basically says "this PIN is correct, scout's honour, you can use the banking details!"

I was expecting it to be implemented a'la GSM with the PIN waking up the crypto-processor, submitting the transaction to the crypto-processor, signing the transaction with the card's details and the PIN pad merely passing along the signed transaction and submitting it to the issuing bank.

Chip and PIN is the most retarded use of two factor authentication I have ever seen.

Comment Re:Apple Store in App Store (Score 1) 285

T-Mobile uses 1700/2100. Only other people that use that frequency are a couple of third string regional providers in Canada.

Apple probably keeps them locked to minimize T-Mobile whiners complaining that 3G doesn't work on their phones.

Still it's really annoying if you go overseas and want to use a SIM card from another country.

Comment Re:Android 1.6? Is this a joke? (Score 5, Interesting) 167

This is the problem with trying to faux-innovate by creating an "experience".

For starters, Dell is shit at it. Second of all, you spend so long tailoring it to the firmware version you started it on that it's now obsolete and the default experience is a million times better anyway.

IMHO Dell needs to differentiate themselves in two ways:

1) By a "build your own smartphone" model using a couple of different form factors (tablet, slider, flip) with commodity snap in parts that are user customizable (screen tech/screen size/flash space/CPU+GPU combo/camera) that would allow them to deliver any phone in any segment at any price point.
2) Keeping up with the latest version of Android and providing the latest default Android experience as soon as possible. Make a generic firmware, stuff it with all the drivers you might need for all of the hardware used in the different combinations and release it quick. Sell on volume, sell on having the latest and greatest Android features available to customers a week after the general release and laugh at HTC promising firmware updates at some undetermined point in the future.

If you give people what they want and quickly you won't have to differentiate yourself with all of this experience wank. You can just sell them whatever they want and sell them by the truckload because you're DELL. When people just want a laptop they jump on Dell's website, price one up, it's cheap as chips and they buy it. Just do the same damn thing with smartphones already.

Comment ^ This! A million times this! (Score 4, Insightful) 841

Speaking as an ex-Support person, if you ever support one thing, once, implictly customers will whinge when you break it through no fault of your own.

They will also bitch if you explicitly say we don't support it before giving a hand with their unsupported problem anyway because you're a decent human being.

Apple was 100% right. It's not a published standard. If they broke shit accidentally later on there'd be hell to pay. Nip it in the bud now.


Submission + - Mine industry uses copyright laws to close website

An anonymous reader writes: The Sydeny Morning Herald reports that the NSW Minerals Council has had an anti-coal group website closed by using copyright laws. Even when the group changed the website, a second complaint was lodged. The action group, Rising Tide ( ) has now 10 days to respond.
Article here : s-anticoal-website/2007/03/04/1172943275688.html

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