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Comment Re:Personal review. (Score 1) 212

I can agree with Dolphin etc not being that fast, but as for your requirement of files on the desktop: just right click on the desktop, enter the settings dialog and change to a folder view. Can't get much easier than that.

In my opinion, there are a quite a few small things that annoy me, but the positive much are much more common. I think Plasma is mainly just plain annoying though.


Submission + - Microsoft admits to serious problems with OneCare

ZDOne writes: "A ZDNet reporter has got some truly amazing quotes out of a Microsoft product manager about the troubled OneCare product:,1000000189,3928 6351,00.htm Asked about these problems, Arno Edelmann, Microsoft's European business security product manager said: "Usually Microsoft doesn't develop products, we buy products. It's not a bad product, but bits and pieces are missing." And: "OneCare is a new product — they shouldn't have rolled it out when they did, but they're fixing the problems now,""

Submission + - Can a Rootkit Be Certified for Vista?

winetoo writes: "Forget what Microsoft says about Vista being the most secure version of Windows yet. More to the point, what do the hackers think of it? In a nutshell, they think it's an improvement, but at the end of the day, it's just like everything else they dissect — that is, breakable. "Not all bugs are being detected by Vista," pointed out famed hacker H.D. Moore. "Look at how a hacker gets access to the driver: Right now I'm working on Microsoft's automated process to get Metasploit-certified. It [only] costs $500." Moore is the founder of the Metasploit Project and a core developer of the Metasploit Framework — the leading open-source exploit development platform — and is also director of security research at BreakingPoint Systems. The irony of his statement lies in the idea that Vista trusts Microsoft-certified programs — programs that can include a hacker exploit platform that walks through the front door for a mere $500 and a conveyor-belt approval process.

Full details at source."

Submission + - Blu-ray aims to exterminate DVD within three years

An anonymous reader writes: Armed with continually strong sales data, the Blu-ray Disc Association has said that Blu-ray will replace the DVD storage format within three years, according to this post.

"Within three years it will just be Blu-ray," Frank Simonis, the Blu-ray Disc Association's European chairman, said at the CeBIT technology trade show.

Submission + - SPAM: A biref history of data breach apology letters

alphadogg writes: "Exposing sensitive personal information means always having to say you're sorry. Some people do it better than others, however. Here are 10 examples of data breaches (from ChoicePoint to Boeing to TJX) and the resulting apologies, which are evaluated and ranked here by an apology expert. [spam URL stripped]r -net-apologies-letters.html More analysis of the evolution of data breach apologies: [spam URL stripped]r -net-apologies.html"
The Internet

Submission + - What will Google PageRank for Video be?

An anonymous reader writes: Read/WriteWeb has an interview with Matt Cutts, about Google and Next-Generation Search. At the end Cutts talks about where Google is heading with Video search. He says they are looking for a PageRank equivalent for video search:

"...we have this notion of reputation — which is PageRank, it's how many people link to your site and it's also the quality of that incoming set of links. So it's fun to think about things like reputation in video search — whether it be for Google Video or YouTube — because you don't have links necessarily. You might have things that are somewhat similar to links, but you look at the quality of the users, the quality of the ratings. I think in lots of ways it gives Google good practice to think about the power of people, and the power of trust — and how to apply that in a lot of different areas."

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