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Comment reasons (Score 1) 194

It's too easy to find Pokemon. Currently the game is mainly about collecting all the Pokemon and once you have majority of them there it not much left to do.

Any Pokemon can be found in just about any area given enough time, this kills the exploring concept. Non-common Pokemon should only be found in different geographic areas taking into account thinks like climate, water sources, forested vs plains vs desert.

Too many Pokestops that are way too close together making it easy to walk in small circles and again limiting the need to explore other areas.

Unfair advantage for people in major cities vs normal cities vs rural areas.

Pokestops and pokemon seem to be clustered in downtown areas.

Walking trails in many parks (which do show up as trails on the map) have nothing which I found to be very disappointing and again limits the need to explore.

The game is way too easy for people to play using "drive by and pull over" techniques.

Cheating got way out of hand. Gyms retaken minutes after I took them with no other person in visible site and all the other cheating.

Too easy to level up from 1-20.

Stops resetting after 5 minutes reduce the need to explore and continuously provide items and xp, they should only reset once a day.

All that said, any new game is going to have it's initial spike, drop, and level off with a slow decline and smaller spikes as new content is released. This decline should not be unexpected. However the company could have done a better job to take advantage of the initial spike so it last as long as possible.

Comment Knowledge of the Staff (Score 1) 423

Years ago I could go into a Radio Shack with a broken piece of equipment or questions about some needed part and the employees had the knowledge to help me. It was a place to go and check out all the new cool gadgets. But they changed, the staff no longer knows anything besides how to work the cash register and there is nothing impressive in the store that makes me want to go check it out and possibly buy something. If I have to do the research myself to figure out what I need or how to fix something then I'm going to just order whatever i need online cause it will always be cheaper. They should be selling raspberry pie's and custom build kits, robotic kits (not kids toys) and all sorts of cool stuff for us nerds to play around with. Instead they tried to sell cell phones when phone carriers all have their own shops right next door. Why would I buy a phone from radio shack when I can go next door and get it from the phone carrier who is the one who will be providing me with support on my phone. What are they now, a tech store (don't think so), a phone store (fail), a kids toy store? Nobody knows what their brand stands for anymore. I agree with other posters, go back to being a high tech hobbyist store and get staff that are as excited to play/build the gadgets as their customers will be.

Submission + - help building a new MS SQL Server

Talahaski writes: I have read a lot of articles about configuring hardware for SQL but I'm a programmer and we don't have an SQL admin and I'm not an expert. Our applications using our current server have been timing out a lot and it is getting worse as the load increases over time with more applications and more user data. Our primary database is about 170GB in size and does very heavy writing and reading of bulk records at a time (It common for our app to receive, process, and insert 1-2 million records at a time from a single user)

It appears the main bottleneck is drive IO, although memory could also be a issue. CPU on average is under 30% utilized.

We are looking into purchasing a new server to solve the performance issues we are having.

If left to our network support guy, we might get a new server with more cpu cores, more memory, and similar drive setup. I don't think this would solve the issue. So I'm asking for help here.

We have at most 3U on the rack that we can use for a new server, but would really like to only use 2U. And of course the big issue comes down to cost and what we "might" be able to get approved.

The old server and drive enclosure will remain and we will move the higher volume databases to the new server.

I don't know what our IO needs are or even how to calculate them. All I am sure about is that we need a more powerful server and we need much faster IO.

Our Current server has
32GB memory, raid 1+0 (4 72GB 15K)for OS, DS2600 enclosure with 12 300GB 15K drives, one reserved as a backup. These 11 drives are split to make 3 logical drives. Raid 5 (4 drives) for log files and tempdb and also used for backup files. Raid 5(3 drives) for index files, Raid 5 (4 drives) for DB files.

I know raid 1+0 will give much better performance, but it also requires more drives. Does it make more sense to have one larger raid 1+0 with many drives, or multiple raid drives?

I know the more drives the better, how can I maximize drives for the space available?

Any help would be appreciated, feel free to provide links to server configurations, enclosures, or other hardware.

Comment Solution (Score 1) 281

Make all cell phones and land line phone carriers provide (without charging more) more advanced answering services such that when anybody calls a user customized recording will say "If this is a personal call press 7 or business call press 2, if this is a telemarketer press 6 or hold on to leave a message (which will automatically get deleted after 7 days if not listened too). Only if the correct response is selected will the call actually ring out to the person's phone. The correct number to press can be randomized and since the recording is customized by the owner of the phone, it would be hard for simple speech recognition to figure out the correct response. Also have features to only allow calls to go through to the phone if the phone number is recognized by the phones contact list. Otherwise all calls should go to voice mail.

Comment Re:Wow (Score 1) 520

AT&T is always screwing me me also. I have 4 phones and I have the parental controls on 3 of these phones that is suppose to block all internet access and any additional charges. I pay $5 for each phone to have this service. But each month I noticed a couple cents being charged for download fees on these 3 phones. The only reason I pay for the dam parental control is because they tell me I cannot block internet access without also blocking picture messages. I pay for unlimited messing with includes picture messages. This is bullshit, they should be able to block internet without blocking picture messages. When I talk to them about this, they just try to sell me unlimited internet access for each of my phone...I don't want internet access, i want it turned off.

Comment No more peeling the rind to add flavor while cooki (Score 1) 475

I don't think the label ever bothered me, I knew to peel it off. Now if you start burning the outside layer of citrus It will be a pain to peel the rind for use in cooking. Peeling a label off does not ruin the rind, but I would not want lazer burned rind used for flavoring any of my desserts.

Comment Require devices to have ability to be blocked (Score 1) 432

I agree with the solution to remove the driver, the car should drive itself. In the meantime the FCC should require all communication devices have a method to block usage within a small radius with the exception of 911 calls. Then cars (front seat only), schools (Kids spend more time texting during class than they do paying attention), federal buildings, and other locations can essentially disable the ability to use any communication device.

Comment Re:Why not have voting machines that print ballots (Score 1) 436

Off-Topic a bit, but I think all positions should allow for a vote of no-confidence for any of the runners. That way people don't have to vote for "the best of 2 evils".

If the tally of no-confidence votes is greater than the tally for any individual:
- A new election should be held within 3 months
- Candidates from the original election are disqualified from subsequent no-confidence elections.
- In the meantime, depending on the position, another qualified person will hold the acting title. Congress will determine who the acting positions are on the federal level, and each State and County will need to set up rules for determining this.

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