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Comment Re:how to get rid of NFC on a passport or credit c (Score 2) 193

You forgot:
8) Throw card away since it is useless now.

No idea how it is in the USA, but in Europe the magnet strip is hardly used anymore. Too insecure. Some people even destroy it on purpose. Instead a chip in the card used. Not a NFC chip. So, how do you destroy one chip in a microwave oven, but leave another chip on the same card intact?

Comment Re:How many of these planets are habitable? (Score 1) 81

Here I found an even more pessimistic view:

Safe speeds for current technology would be only slightly higher than space shuttle speeds especially if interstellar space contains chunks of comet ice.

If this is true... forget your 100s years. Make it 10000s.

Comment Re:How many of these planets are habitable? (Score 3, Insightful) 81

Do you really know what you are talking about? Building generation ships, which are big enough to have a large enough population to build a genetically stable society? For a travel, which takes several thousand years? 100% self-contained for such a long time? To a planet, from which we get information, which are several thousand years old? Oh, I am sure there would be many who would sign for such a ride. Might be even fun for a while, but don't expect that any descendant ever reaches such a planet alive. But hey, the way is the goal.

Comment Re:How many of these planets are habitable? (Score 1) 81

It would be pretty cool if life in general could outlive this planet. At the moment all life that we know about will die when this planet falls into the sun.

First we were alone. Other planets? No way. Then we discovered: Hey, other suns have also planets. First we were able to see only the biggest ones. Now we can detect smaller and smaller ones. Planets almost seem to be something very common. Life? I really would not worry, that Earth is the only planet with life.

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