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Comment Re:What about the Eureka machine? (Score 1) 455

Nothing it found was new and it isn't AGI as this story is talking about. It's genetic programming but mining large data sets is, and will continue to, help with many fields and be hugely beneficial perhaps even with regards to understanding intelligence.

Comment Re:Armchair cognitive scientist (Score 1) 455

That simulation was using off the shelf hardware not designed to handle the simulation efficiently, the Von Neumann bottleneck is easily hit in large neural networks.

Having a brain-equivalent information processor that fits in the space of a skull and runs on the brain's approximately 20 W? It won't happen in your life time if you're old enough to be posting on this site.

"At a power density of just 20 milliwatts per square centimeter, IBM’s new brain-inspired chip comes tantalizingly close to such wetware efficiency."

Comment Just one more abuse from this government (Score 1) 58

As an Australia I can tell you this is just one of many abuses and deceptions this government has made, it lied about so many things to get into power and than crafted a fake "economic crisis" once in power ( when economists the world over agreed our economy was the envy of the world ) to try to remove socialized services like health care, welfare and education. The only things they could get through the senate were laws that LOST billions in revenue to the government like the carbon tax and the mining tax because it was "bad for business" ( yet again, economists disagreed ). They are trying to remove the need for telco's to report the number of data requests from government each year even though none of the telco's have complained about it.

They also performed our biggest terrorist raids ever a couple weeks before pushing through laws that now goal whistler blowers and the journalists who report as well as any citizens who communicate about it for up to 10 years. It was only after these laws passed that the truth came out that the weapon found, which was going to be used on the public, was a plastic toy sword! They have power over the media thanks to Murdoch who compared the last party to Nazis during election time and had a nice front page story saying "Kick this mob out" at one stage. Murdoch is a part of a group known as the IPA who have been getting all their wishlist items checked off by this government, many of us understand he is one of the real leaders of our country.

Our environmental minister is better known as our "environmental merchant" who is selling out the environment without a care, approving more coal mines when many economists are pointing to established coal mines being abandoned in a few years due to dwindling profits and demand and fast tracking the destruction of the Great Barrier Reef against the World Heritage warnings of placing it in danger. He did this with the help of one of our richest Mining Magnate's who happened to get his new party into power too, for some reason he hasn't got any conflict of interest running a billion dollar mining company while voting on laws that would profit and benefit him personally. Including recently helping pass a pathetic climate change policy that pays companies to plant trees at a cap of $2.5 billion dollars. Yep we apparently have an economic crisis but they removed a carbon tax that was working and generating income with one that no one outside the party believes will work and actually costs public funds.

For those unaware our PM is also the one who removed the minister for science, took the title of minister for women ( while making many public sexist comments ) and the minister for aboriginals ( while making many offensive and racist remarks ). To top it off as a public servant this comment means I can be fired, because I am not allowed to discuss politics online or appear at political protests.

Comment Re:Wishful thinking (Score 1) 272

Clearly you haven't heard of Australia, the largest exporter of iron ore and coal and a government fighting to remove world heritage protection of some of the oldest forests left as well as trying to destroy a world wonder for more coal exports. Abundant raw resources are our greatest burden!

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