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Comment In Richmond (Score 0) 614

I am in Richmond, Va and my building just shook for about 5 minutes. My parents are further north in Fredericksburg and said their house was swaying enough to knock things off the walls... Overall, not that big of a worse than a low flying jet...

Submission + - Microsoft and Yahoo's search deal : Done (

TXFRATBoy writes: With a few strokes of a giant purple pen, Microsoft's Steve Ballmer and Yahoo's Carol Bartz finally signed a deal Wednesday that will turn Microsoft into the second-largest search company in the world, and turn Yahoo into a media-driven advertising broker.

Submission + - Google to release OS (

TXFRATBoy writes: Google Inc. is planning to hit Microsoft Corp. where it hurts by challenging the software giant's dominance in the world of computer operating systems.

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