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Comment Re:Kill Beta! (Score 3, Insightful) 144

Quite a bit of constructive criticism has been offered (not just in the last two days, but for months now). The exact complaints are pretty damned clear at this point. The problem isn't that they aren't aware of the problems with the beta. The problem is that they've not been corrected, and now they're going to force the beta on us.

I personally don't care about the beta, as long as we can keep the Classic option. But if you're going to force it on me, at least make sure that you're not stripping functionality away from me. Add whatever dumb feature you like (as long as it doesn't get in my way), but don't take away my ability to see a simple comment list with replies and mods listed. Quite a few others have also complained about the lack of Unicode support, the annoying whitespace issues, and onerous javascript.

Comment Re:Kill Beta! (Score 3, Interesting) 144

You can't. The comment list is suddenly broken now too. I can only look at about the last 20 or so posts (the list end abruptly and there is no longer an option to go to the next page). But I looked back through the articles from this morning and can tell you that several of my posts that I know were there are suddenly gone.

Comment Re:We don't know that. (Score 4, Insightful) 161

The fast majority of the F*ck Beta comments are coming from ACs. For all we know that could be a single individual or even a bot.

No, actually, I've been surprised by the number of real posts here against the beta, some of them with some incredibly low UID's. Much as I hate the beta, even I never expected such an overwhelming response (and, believe me, I've been around here a lot longer than my UID would indicate).

Comment Re:I don't think Dice realizes (Score 1) 234

That's my biggest complaint. And all this BS about "We have to have our engineers work on it" is a joke. It's ALREADY AVAILABLE IN CLASSIC!! It's not something that requires a lot of work to implement, because the functionally is ALREADY THERE! They clearly made a conscious decision to remove it and now, despite months of complaints about it, still absolutely refuse to put this functionality back in the beta version.

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