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Comment Re:Mostly the court said the defense sucked (Score 3, Informative) 145

Mostly the court said the defense sucked and they WOULD have been receptive to such fair use tactics but the defense didn't help them out there

So they're saying that "what is right and wrong" is not the focus of judgement, rather who had the better lawyer?

No, the point highlighted in the above article is that instead of making a case for specific types of fair use that might be applicable, the defendants lawyers tried to argue rather broadly that all downloading was fair use, something that the judge couldn't possibly find in favour of. In essence the judge said that they were open to certain arguments being made, but the defendant never tried to make them and instead opted for a bat-shit crazy defense coupled with irresponsible and outright illegal conduct. It's not hard to see why Tenenbaum wound up getting the judgement that he did.

Comment Re:Dont' bash CSS... (Score 1) 104

I would suggest that if a web developer is incapable of making browsers render the same site consistently using CSS then they have a great deal more to learn. The problems with cross browser rendering issues have long since been solved.

Comment Re:Stuck in the old ways (Score 1) 522

It's an interesting idea, but like a lot of CAPTCHA alternatives it would only survive on a small scale.

The reality is it'd be quite trivial for a bot to request the page on which the form is displayed and retrieve the appropriate cookie and then subsequently parse the response to determine which form fields match up with which labels, something which is trivially done in any standards compliant website. At that point all they need to do is post to the server using that cookie and those form fields and they're through.


Submission + - Opera Turbo Labs release (opera.com)

pROCKrammer writes: "Opera Software ASA, today announced new snapshot of Opera 10 with Turbo technology. div class = "clear:both">

About this technology

"Just like Opera Mini, Opera Turbo requests normal Web content through a proxy. As opposed to the Opera Mini proxy, which uses the OBML format, the Web Optimization Proxy we are using will handle normal web content: markup, styles, JavaScript, images, etc. The proxy also uses the standard HTTP protocol with various optimizations to better utilize available bandwidth. And it is this bandwith save which will give you a speed increase. That means, the slower your network is, the bigger your gain is. But it will also mean that if you are on a fast brodband connection, it might not be any faster at all.""


Nintendo Brain Games Effectiveness Questioned 63

nandemoari writes "While Nintendo boasts that its Wii can make you fit, the game company's popular line of DS 'Brain Games' have for some time promised to make kids smarter by challenging them with word puzzles and math formulas. However, a French professor isn't buying the shtick. University of Rennes professor Alain Lieury, a cognitive psychology specialist in Brittany, France, recently studied a group of ten-year-old children playing a variety of mentally-challenging games. Not all were video games, however; Lieury pitted more traditional games (including sudoku, Scrabble, and regular old reading and homework) against Nintendo's popular line of DS hits, including Brain Age, Big Brain Academy, and Brain Training. Although he credits the Nintendo DS — one of the best selling consoles of all-time — as 'a technological jewel,' he finds Nintendo's claim that it can actually help kids learn is nothing more than pure 'charlatanism.'"

Submission + - Swedish cops come to the defence of the Pirate Bay (idg.com.au)

Da Massive writes: Swedish police are expected to decide later this week whether a criminal case is warranted against 10 major music and movie companies over their alleged efforts to disrupt the Pirate Bay, one of the largest file-sharing search engines. If Swedish police decide to pursue a criminal complaint, the Pirate Bay will be spared the time and expense of pursuing its own civil suit against the companies, Peter Sunde, one of a small circle of volunteers in Sweden that runs the Web site, said on Tuesday. http://www.pcworld.idg.com.au/index.php/id;955069824
PC Games (Games)

Submission + - Chinese MMO Bans Males From Playing Female Charact

Cap'n.Brownbeard writes: ""Players of the Chinese MMORPG, King of the World, may have found themselves unable to log into their accounts this past weekend. The game's publisher, Aurora Technology, has apparently frozen the accounts of all male players choosing to play as a female characters. Now, only female players can play female characters, and they're required to prove their gender via a webcam. Females wanting to play males are still allowed though." http://news.filefront.com/chinese-mmo-bans-males-from-playing-female-characters/"

Submission + - IT pay falls short, finds annual salary survey 1

BobB writes: A storm seems to be brewing in the IT job market. Pay raises have continued to outpace inflation, and bonuses are downright impressive — 11.6% on average. Yet, as the 2007 Network World Salary Survey finds, dissatisfaction over the salary package is rampant. Package includes a salary calculator to compare what you're making to those in your region and across U.S. http://www.networkworld.com/salary/2007/092407-annual-salary-survey.html?ts0hb=&story=ab5_salartsrvy

Submission + - Trent Reznor Says "Steal My Music" (youtube.com)

THX-1138 writes: A few months ago, Trent Reznor (frontman of the band Nine Inch Nails), was in Australia doing an interview when he commented on the outrageous prices of CDs there. Apparently now his label, Universal Media Group is angry at him for having said that. During a concert last night , he told this to fans, "...Has anyone seen the price come down? Okay, well, you know what that means — STEAL IT. Steal away. Steal and steal and steal some more and give it to all your friends and keep on stealin'. Because one way or another these mother**** will get it through their head that they're ripping people off and that that's not right."

The YouTube link contains a video recorded by a fan that shows his full speech during the concert.

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