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Comment Re:Welcome to 1999 (Score 1) 140

Only in that the default audio playback application bundled with the OS could not legally handle MP3's, forcing you to use a 3rd party application, which was the default behavior for most Windows users through at least XP. I'd imagine it had about as much relevance as being unable to burn a CD back in the day without software like Roxio (or whatever the OSS comparable app was, I was still in grade school.) The big drawback to Linux for decades was simply that it didn't ship with the computer you bought from Dell (or Best Buy, or Circuit City, or whatever...) and that it required a non-trivial effort to get to the level of functionality that most people expected from a PC post- Windows 95. Of course, there is the continuous struggle of an OS that is designed from the ground up to avoid as many licensing and royalty restrictions as possible, since for much of the PC's history, code was written for profit and not just to be sweet. Furthermore, am I really replying to a 4-digit UID with this crap? I thought all of you graybeards actually knew how this crap worked...

Comment Re:Time Synchronization (Score 1) 110

THIS is classic, Old-Skool /. - I was surprised to see your 7-digit UID, because this is, like, back in the 5-digit-days-good. Reading the summary, I thought it smelled like they were trying to use a hammer to drive a screw, and I'm not even a low-level protocol geek. Your response genuinely made my afternoon, and you deserve the points they don't give out enough anymore. +1.

Comment Re:Jobs vs. Stuff (Score 1) 320

Wish I had points to mod you up. Instead others have them to upvote idiotic, isolationist pablum. Japan is probably the best example of why "Protectionism" is a bad thing - when you culturally isolate yourselves from the rest of the world, more people want to leave than want to move in. Your population shrinks and ages, and even if you are successful, you risk damaging social growth for decades.

Comment Re:The 1st world will never be competitive (Score 1) 587

It was frightening to see what my Boss' boss was earning in a position I had a few years ago. The contract stipulated that the person filling my role be a US Citizen for security reasons (but not clearance-level) so I was the only US Citizen on a team of ~30 people. My supervisor did little more than apologize for screw-ups and approve timecards, and his 'boss' was more like a glorified PM. Mind you, I made 20-30% more than either of them, and was literally triple the rate of my 'coworkers.' The reality is that I could have done the entire contract's work with 3 reasonable US-FTE's, and they wouldn't have had to rotate the positions every 9 months. It was insane.

Comment Re:That defines separation of class (Score 1) 168

Eh, your example kind of sucks. If you think that Buffet is buying stocks spur of the moment, you don't understand how billion-dollar funds get moved. TV and Movies like to make it seem like you can just drop 50mil on a hunch, but there is typically LOADS of analysis done on even flyer trades. That analysis generates a paper trail. And if you have already decided to buy based on that analysis, than the insider info is just gravy. Hell, you can even use that insider info to NOT make a trade, because the Fed only really cares about you unfairly making money (or limiting losses,) they don't care if you choose not to do something that would result in a loss. It's part of what makes insider trading insidiously difficult to prosecute; you typically need a pattern to establish behavior, and you have legitimate 'analysts' saying all sorts of things in most trade houses.

Comment Re:Home internet (Score 1) 135

You identified the problem, you just misinterpreted the solution. If ISPs are worried that they won't be able to service customers on existing xcon's if the customers suddenly have orders-of-magnitude bandwidth increases, maybe the ISPs should have done something with the hundreds of millions of dollars they've received over the last 2 decades to continuously upgrade their infrastructure. It's buggy-whips all over again, except because the buggy-whip guys have almost monopolistic control over the market, they get to stall the automobile as long as they can afford to. And don't start bitching about cost and time and size - I work for a Fortune 100, and we have a 7 year tech roadmap that includes multiple core networking architecture upgrades for tech that is basically theoretical at this point. We are installing switches right now that we expect to replace in 24 months, because we can't afford to tell our customers that we don't have the ability to service their wants. ISPs and Telcos got as fat and lazy as the mobile carriers did, and they are all going to have a rude wake up if the legislative wind shifts again like it did against OG ATT.

Comment Re:Yawn (Score 1) 68

I feel like you completely missed the point of this platform (embedded devices do not need shittons of CPU... ) but what, exactly, are you doing that requires 12 cores at 6GHz because your raw CPU is the bottleneck in a Desktop platform or architecture??? 'Slow desktops forever' my ass... 16G RAM, SSDs, and bus-level access are commodity product specs now. If you have Desktop software that is slow because of a CPU bottleneck, you either have shitty code, or your software should never have been designed for a desktop use case. Da fuq?

Comment Re:People probably realized.. (Score 1) 330

I really wish you weren't voted so highly. The ORIGINAL market for wrist watches were nobility for the novelty value, followed closely afterwards by trench soldiers, because a watch-and-chain were both inconvenient and finicky. Pilots and racing drivers came along significantly later, as both often had accurate chronographs on the dash, and if you've ever tried to read a traditional watch while driving aggressively, you'd realize you have to reposition your hand anyways. The reason why many watches carry that heritage is Pilots and Race car drivers are both sexy, trench soldiers are not. Hell, Doctor's watches and Diving watches are arguably even more popular still, and Diving watches didn't come along for a few decades after that.

Comment Re:Dumping the Headphone Jack: My Theory (Score 1) 551

And, FWIW, I've used 30 and 40 (Gawd, the 70's were a long time ago...) year old headphones with a straight phone jack and a mini adapter in stuff that's less than a year old. Any compatability issues likely come from arbitrary specs for added features like media/phone controls, and I don't think I've ever failed to hear audio from a jack I could plug into - unless it was one of the really weird cases where people were using jacks for power or pedals or stuff like that.

Comment Re:Standard of living (Score 1) 614

You lose ALL credibility in your first paragraph. Trying to say that post-boomer people - '70's kid', whatever the hell that means - 'generally didn't care where he lived' is a statistical crock. My Grandparents and parents (good, old-fashioned Blue-Collar Boomers and early X-Ers) LOVE to talk about what Zip code/side of town their houses were on back in the 'day.' Ask them about parts of town that were more ethnically diverse (even if they were in the same economic levels) and they will stare at you like you've grown another head. I have extended relations that worked their ASSES off to not have to buy a house in the shithole town they grew up in, because they knew the place was going nowhere, and those towns are still shitholes 40 years later. The biggest difference today is that it's much easier to realize how much of a shithole you live in.

Honestly, one of the biggest issues Milennials are facing socially and economically are assumptions about what we want/how we participate in society and out neighborhoods/cities. You can throw as many idiotic Portlandia-hipster stereotypes as you want at us, but the reality is that if we didn't frequent that awesome taco place they built in the refurbished warehouse-cum-food court, your stupid city would cease to exist because old real estate would die and be replaced by suburbia-tract housing. You know, that shit you all pulled in the 80's and 90's to try to support your stupid unsustainable fake-growth economy. How'd that Mall-Sprawl work out for you?

But here's the worst part. Do you know who has mostly fucked up things for the last 30 years? I'll give you a hint - Millennials aren't even old enough to have held the positions that made the stupid, greedy short-sighted fuckups between the SnL debacle, the OG Internet bubble, and '08. Boomers largely had enough cash to ride it out, and stable employment with benefits that made it livable. GenX had some savings, and thank god for their parents, who could help out their kids in their late 20's and 30's. Now you have a new generation who are in debt for degrees our parents and grandparents said we needed to be successful, whose parents don't have cash to support them through the fuckups they caused, and an entire economic system that is designed to pay as little as possible for the labor pool as a whole, and you wonder why we're a little upset?

Comment Re:Couldn't have happened to a nicer company (Score 1) 47

I hear what you are saying, but it's important to remember that in business, the 'best' platform isn't always the one with the most technical merit - it's the one that the most people use. Sure, if everyone was willing to work a little bit and totally refactor/redesign stuff, the handicaps they are building around could be avoided entirely. But the cost/benefit (especially over the short term) just isn't there.

Intel seems to have seen the writing on the wall finally; you aren't going to be able to charge a premium for marginal performance gains in any kind of volume for very much longer, and it's going to be very difficult to justify building a new mask for a few thousand gamers and HPC users. And of course, that 'entirely new market' you are talking about for ARM includes Mobile, which is probably the biggest thing for chip dev since people started buying desktops.

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