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Submission + - Apple kills Xserve server line (

CapricaStar writes: Apple has said it will stop selling its Xserve rack servers early next year, killing a product that has traditionally sold in low quantities.

Submission + - Researchers Race to Recover Radioactive Rabbits

Ponca City writes: "The Tri-City Herald reports that radioactive rabbit droppings were recently found near the old Hanford Nuclear Site in southeast Washington that produced nuclear materials for 40 years and is now being decontaminated. The Department of Health looks for contamination off-site to make sure there is no public hazard and a rabbit trapped at the 300 Area caught the their attention because it was close enough to the site's boundaries to potentially come in contact with the public — such as if it had been caught by a dog or if its droppings were deposited in an area open to the public. Joe Franco, an assistant manager for the Department of Energy, said workers erected fences, removed potential food sources and even sprayed the scent of a predator around the perimeter to prevent any other rabbit contamination and the Department of Energy said only one of 18 rabbits surveyed were deemed contaminated. Researchers narrowed the area of possible contamination to the 327 Building used during the Cold War for testing highly radioactive materials, particularly fuel elements and cladding that were irradiated at Hanford reactors as part of plutonium production for the nation's nuclear weapons program. Because the number of contaminated droppings being discovered on-site has decreased, officials now believe it's possible that just one rabbit might have been contaminated and they now are finding old droppings from it. One theory is that the rabbit might have been sipping water that collected in the building's basement after water was sprayed during demolition to suppress dust. "While this does not pose a worker safety or public health issue, we take our responsibility to prevent the spread of contamination seriously," said Franco. In 2009, personnel at the Hanford site handled 26,000 animal control requests. Records for the same year indicate 33 contaminated animals or animal-related materials were discovered."

Comment The Immaculate Conception isn't Jesus... (Score -1, Redundant) 478

The Immaculate Conception is Mary's (Jesus' mother) conception. Catholics and Orthodox believe that she was conceived in the normal way, but God gave her a special grace to be conceived immaculately, that is without sin. Jesus' conception is known as the Incarnation, since that was God becoming Man. I know that this has nothing to do with the article, but it is so often confused and so rarely clarified, I had to speak up.

The Internet

Submission + - 5 online file format converters reviewed

Stan Schroeder writes: "The idea to have an easy, always available way to convert any file to any other format — and this especially goes for video files — probably sounds appealing to many users who don't care about learning the intricacies of bitrates, aspect ratios and similar terms. Their prayers have been answered in the form of several online file format converters which have lately appeared on the web. But how well do these products actually work? Here's a thorough test of 5 file format converters, with the focus on video conversion."

Submission + - Damn Vulnerable Linux

Scott Ainslie Sutton writes: "Enterprise GNU/Linux Resource have highlighted a newly created GNU/Linux distribution named Damn Vulnerable Linux, built upon Damn Small Linux. The distribution, headed by Thorsten Schneider, aims to deliver the Operating System in such a way that it allows Security Students first hand insight and hands on experience with Security issues within GNU/Linux in order to teach them protection and mitigation techniques The project's website describes the distribution as 'the most vulnerable, exploitable Operating System ever' and it's true, the developers have ensured that it contains outdated, ill-configured, flawed code and contains GNU/Linux 2.4 Kernel which is known to have many exploitable avenues in itself. Damn Vulnerable Linux's website can be viewed here."

Submission + - Vacuum tube turns 100

wenko writes: "The device that heralded the beginning of the 20th century electronics industry first saw the light of day in late 1906, just over a century ago. This was the triode electron tube, or audion, as its inventor called it."

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