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Submission + - Physicist trying to send a signal back in time

phil reed writes: University of Washington physicist John Cramer is attempting to send a signal back through time.
"We're going to shoot an ultraviolet laser into a (special type of) crystal, and out will come two lower-energy photons that are entangled," Cramer said. For the first phase of the experiment, to be started early next year , they will look for evidence of signaling between the entangled photons. Finding that would, by itself, represent a stunning achievement. Ultimately, the UW scientists hope to test for retrocausality — evidence of a signal sent between photons backward in time.
The test will involve sending one of the photons down 10 miles of fiber optic cable, delaying it by 50 microseconds, then testing a quantum-mechanical aspect of the delayed photon. Due to quantum entanglement, the non-delayed photon would need to reflect the measurement made 50 microseconds later on the delayed photon. In order for this to happen, some kind of signal would need to be sent 50 microseconds back in time from the delayed photon to the non-delayed photon. (Confusing? Quantum physics is like that.)

Submission + - Corporate project management options?

Stubble writes: My users are clamoring for MS Project. I know there's got to be a better way to provide project management functionality to them. We're not a consultancy, these are internal corporate projects. Our needs are fairly simple, and I don't think we're at all unique. We're essentially looking for a task tracking application that can display project timelines and To-Do lists for project teams. Most projects are simple, with less than 20 tasks and minor dependencies. Although we've put a lot of effort into making dotProject work for us, it's just not cutting it, for many reasons.

We need something that users will buy into. Ease of use is a must. LDAP (or other directory) integration for authentication is important. Slick, dynamic Gantt charts are important, particularly charts that print well. Open-source is ideal, but we're not afraid to pay good money for something that is platform-independent (browser based), standards-supporting, and at least somewhat customizable.

What are your suggestions?

Comment Documenter is an ugly report (Score 3, Informative) 100

but it does the job.

On the menu, pull up Tools, Analyzer, Documenter, and pick your criteria. Access is clumsy and not secure, but it's also what most organizations have. That doesn't keep the rest of us from attempting to subvert from within...

To consolidate the duplicate tables, build a query that replicates grep and/or another that replicates diff, and have fun from there. Somehow I'm sure that you know how to do this.

Even though I prefer to work with other platforms and venues, my Access skills have managed to keep me employed and the cats fed while I decide what to do next with my life.

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