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Comment Common Ground (Score 1) 56

This destroys what consoles gave, common ground.

No longer will everyone playing a single game be running the same hardware. With these cross-platform features, consumers will be looking at which platform provides more frag than lag.

Sony has historically provided better hardware, but Microsoft has provided a better network.

Decisions, decisions...

Comment I doubt this will ever really end (Score 1, Insightful) 79

Microsoft's PR has been "Look! We've converted all these people to this awesome new OS!", however, the only reason half those numbers are legal (cough), is because it's free.

If it wasn't, those would be pirated copies.

This isn't really their wheelhouse anymore for revenue. This is the "gateway drug" of the their business model.

Free upgrades to Windows 10 won't go away. They will issue a press release about extending desktop upgrades, then eventually let the news fizzle out until no one cares, then remove the "limited time" part of the deal.

Comment Re:Outrageous (Score 3) 145

Money, duh.

There are various bills a typical household in America has, a mortgage, utilities, cable, and cell phones.

Until recently, people would couple cable and cell phones with the broad brush of "utilities", but cable bills costing $200+/month as well as cell phones costing families another arm; It seems they also want that proverbial leg as well...

> The move reflects a heightened competitive environment, one in which smaller rivals T-Mobile and Sprint have begun winning away customers through
> aggressive offers. Many of these changes mimic offers already available at the other carriers.

This is what saddens me... The process that would make things cheaper, are someone twisted into making it more expensive, but, but MOAR DATA!

I don't think I've ever used more than 5 GB of data in a month. That was while I was living in my car for a couple months too, so I didn't have wifi most of the time.

With WiFi usage, I can't possible see anyone using 24 GB of data... That's a shit load of data.

Comment Re:hated language becomes a success (Score 1) 165

Don't mind me, just butting in!

> Then why does my day job of writing WebGL apps for Smart TV's run at 60 fps then if "I don't understand the language" -- I guess these shaders just magically
> wrote themself ! And all those rendering optimizations just "magically" appeared in our code base !! Holy Shit !!! Ghosts are real -- shhh, don't tell the retarded
> Chinese Cult Politics [] party! (Yes, I know CCP doesn't official stand for that.)
> Don't assume. You look like an tool when you do.

Can do this in JS too, but shh, don't tell anyone.

> Never mind the fact that converting from a string to a var will OVERFLOW and NOT be EXACT.

Then don't do it? It's like saying "hey, that gun will kill someone if u pull the trigger while pointing at them!" - duh.

Google any big int lib.

> Javascript broken == operator [] is so fucked up it is laughable. WTF is the point of even having '==' when every smart programmer will use '==='
> instead???
> if( 0 == "0" ) console.log( "equal" ); // equal // WTF!?

You answered your own complaint... use strict equals. Type conversion is a feature, not the languages problem someone doesn't understand it.

> How about the inability to actually _include_ .js files like, you know, a concept that (almost) EVERY-other-programming language has???

Didn't they just introduce modules? I can't remember... but in case I partied hard, blacked out and forgot about ES2016, there's a nifty lib called requirejs that
handles this.

> When Javascript does stupid shit like Automatic Semicolon Insertion (ASI)

Since my very first day programming JS, almost 7 years ago now (holy shit), this has NEVER been a problem.

> Where is the automatic multi-line string concatenation?? Even C has this. In Javashit you're forced to do this manually. Hell, even the retarded Python has """
> for crying out loud!

Introduced that with `

> WHY did it take until ECMAScript 5 to fix the retarded string-to-octal parsing?? In what fucked up world did:

Meh, got me there.

> When {} + [] returns ZERO, and {} + {} returns NaN you know the designer was an fucking idiot. This is _basic_ Comp. Sci. 101 stuff, not rocket science.

I don't think I've ever actually tried to add an object and/or array to each other... Unless someone forgot how their code works...

> for( var x in [5,6,7,8]) console.log( x + 1 );

For in is the worst... But again, learn the language and again, this hasn't ever been a problem for me.

> Popularity doesn't prove jack shit,

Clearly it does.

> I love when some retard tries to claim that "I don't understand the language."

Not saying you dont understand the language, you clearly do. Just saying that any JS developer worth their salary knows these pitfalls and knows how to get
around them or not have them be in the way in the first place.

Now with Typescript making some headway, half these issues you outlined just magically disappear. (I don't use Typescript... yet, my feeling is that if you can't
program JS correctly, then having some tool do it for you, hinders you rather than helps you.)


All languages have their issues, yes JS may have some basic ones that make other language developers go "wtf", as you clearly are, but clearly these fallacies
are not blocking anyone from using the language for really cool programs.

But I digress to what I previously stated.

Any JS developer worth their salary doesn't run into these issues and/or knows how to combat them.

Comment Re:Laptop and tablet makers need to add a switch (Score 1) 292

If a laptop had a mechanical switch on the side to turn off the camera like most do for WiFi, I would eventually trust it.

And by that I mean, if this feature is advertised as a way to deny any TLA from snooping, then security-wise people will let us know if it works or not.

That's good enough for me, until, I'm sticking with the tape. .. or you can go Edward Snowden on your phone/laptop like in that recent VICE episode.

Comment Re:Something big: Copy of Spotify (Score 1) 32

> This is just the tip of the iceberg. I suggest you try it out before you settle.

It does sound nifty, and I will, but I don't nearly have the musical footprint or domain of device capability that would allow me to take advantage of half those features as you do.

I have a feeling it will be like the mentality of a flip-phone to smartphone conversion.

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