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Comment Re:Audio (Score 2) 114

"however not sure why they bother as at this point why would you choose ____ when other ____ technologies now do the job"

lets play madlibs.

javascript/java/go/php/ruby/python ... programming
dick ... dildo
blah blah blah

As always, there are different tools for different jobs. Bluetooth uses much less power than WiFi for example.

Comment Re:Source of information is questionable (Score 2) 560

Whereas the other side of the argument has?

The point being that there clearly isn't enough credible research into this market (I say market, because it's the new cash crop) from either side of the argument.

My personal beliefs are that it has no negative side-affects, besides some strains giving me a version of whiskey/coke dick.

Disclaimer: I smoke weed every day.

Comment Re:Almost called it as an advert (Score 3, Interesting) 55

As a OnePlus One user from when it was first released, they came out with a punch of a product. I love my OnePlus One.

The only thing I can complain about is that the 2 and 3 haven't had anything worthy of upgrading my 1. And I like Cyanogenmod, I haven't switched to Oxygen yet.

As my 1 is getting old and is a tad bit damaged, I might pick up this new 3t.

As it was with the 1, the 3t is half the price of a new iPhone and has better specs.

Comment Re:Wow (Score 1) 1368

"I agree though, if the west and northeast coasts succeed, we'd all get an opportunity to finally see how the two parties float their sides"

I don't know about that.

Sure, there is a majority of dems up here, but NH is a battleground state, to that matter, so is Maine. Maine feels like Georgia's lost child sometimes. Eastern MA, as in Boston metro, western MA is red, and CT / RI would probably have better luck, but even then would feel resistance. Don't know much about VT politics, but I think, being smaller than CA, would have the best luck in "floating their side".

From what I hear, and others have commented, northern CA is red, only the metro areas would see any welcomed progressive movement.

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