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Comment Re:Really? (Score 1) 97

How is that any different? Most of those songs are not published by the artists/media companies. Sure YouTube will take down a few, but a lot still remain. Are you not doing the exact same thing when you download and view a song on YouTube posted by an un-authorized source as you are doing when you download and view a song from a torrent site?

Honest question. Wouldn't the ISP's have to police this activity too? Who is to say the lawsuit would stop at the ISP's? If this isn't overturned, couldn't the "rights management" companies turn around and sue the providers who fail to "adequately" shutdown these sources?

Comment Cat got my tongue (subjects are dumb) (Score 4, Funny) 314

>> I'm afraid that is 64 tasks max (and one is used as swapper), no matter
>> how small they should be. Fragmentation is evil - this is how it was
>> handled. As the current opinion seems to be that 64 Mb is more than
>> enough, but 64 tasks might be a little crowded, I'll probably change the
>> limits be easily changed (to 32Mb/128 tasks for example) with just a
>> recompilation of the kernel. I don't want to be on the machine when
>> someone is spawning >64 processes, though :-)

If only he knew...

Comment Meh (Score 1) 161

Fuck that. Only reason they are so profitable is because they charge an arm and leg for them.

I'll stick with my OnePlus One that was only 300$ thank you (still has more or equal "power" than the latest galaxy or iphone) and above all, i've dropped this sucker 100+ times (without a 100$ 1" thick case) and it hasn't splintered into a 100 pieces like the more fragile than glass iphones.

Comment Re:Time is more vast than space (Score 1) 250

"in our Galaxy (the only reachable life that realistically matters to us)"

I disagree. Humanity has a knack for improving basic concepts.

A hundred years ago it would take a week to fly across the US, now it takes an afternoon. There are supersonic jets that cross the Atlantic in even less time.

Once we discover how to travel between stars in reasonable, commercial avenues, there won't be much time to the point where we cross galaxies.

Comment Question (Score 1) 225

Does the creator(s) of the "infringed" content see any of this money or is it all hoarded by these "rights groups"?

If they see any of it, then please, by all means, rape and pillage Comcast, etc (mostly Comcast, Fuck You Comcast) as much as possible, otherwise it's just money changing from one evil hand to another...

Comment Re:MDWhat? (Score 3, Interesting) 65

I was thinking the same thing... How is the world is a company the size and age of Yahoo still using MD5 to store passwords...

It takes at most 2/3 hours to setup some type of blowfish hashing scheme.

Rule #1 when dealing with encryption: someone else has done it before and has done it better. Never rewrite the wheel. (Unless you are an actual expert in the field)

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