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Comment Re:EU has no tax powers (Score 3, Informative) 176

They are trying to enforce the agreement that companies have to be taxed equally. This agreement has a very good reason for existing - so countries can't give special tax breaks to companies based in that country while heavily taxing all foreign competition.

Ireland is part of this agreement. So they aren't allowed to give Apple a special deal.

Comment Re:Are moon rocks special or something? (Score 2) 63

My understanding is that in this case NASA didn't bother to claim the bag after it was confiscated from the thief. So after a while it was sold at auction by the police.
It was a case of NASA not bothering to claim the bag before it was sold. So the item that was bought wasn't just stolen, it was also abandoned by the original owner.

Comment Re:Change the law (Score 1) 1430

But this not cheating, it is using the system. Par of the system is that the electors have no legal obligation to vote for whoever won the elections in their state.
So it's not cheating, just 'clever use of game mechanics'. And doing it would be the best way to get the system changed - demonstrate that it is broken.
Keeping Trump from being elected would push the issue to the congress, which would still elect him (probably), but it would be a big signal that things should change.

Comment Re:Meanwhile the EU is saying... (Score 3) 315

What the other governments are saying is that they want to follow the rules for the exit, which spell out a 2 year deadline. What they want to avoid is endless negotiations, so forcing the UK to actually (legally) declare they are leaving the union before any negotiations begin.

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