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Comment Re:Legality vs Enforceability (Score 2) 183

If the Federal Government gets out of hand, the states are supposed to react and put them in check. That is what is meant by "Checks and Balances". The states are to check the power of the Federal Government and object to over reaching laws and those that are unconstitutional or illegal by various means, including invalidating those actions or laws within the state, suing the federal government in court, or calling a Convention of States, which is currently underway.

Comment Nice, but Flawed Idea (Score 1) 330

Ethanol is a great idea, but it doesn't contain the energy density that gasoline has, therefore, it requires much more to produce the same power. Most vehicles get about 1/2 to 2/3 of their fuel economy when running E-85 as opposed to E10 or E0. E0 is the most efficient use of the fuel we have, as it contains all the energy it needs and the vehicles can be better tuned to operate on a consistent product, whereas Ethanol is very inconsistent with energy it produces.

Comment Re:More representation (Score 1) 642

With a larger pool of representatives, representing smaller communities, mainly because the two party structure would break down (they created it themselves anyway), and people who disagree on some issue, may agree on others, and work together to foster that issue, while they fight against each other for the other. The larger representation would also reflect your feelings more closely, and there would be so many representatives that the could not be bought. The larger number of available seats would also get the elite out of politics, because any Joe Schmo could run for office as they would only have to sway about 15,000 people, not 500,000 people (or more). Then again, anything is better that a parlimentry system, where the right group of crazies can take control and run the country (1800s France, 1930s Germany and Italy, and Britain in "V for Vendetta", just to name a few examples.)

Comment More representation (Score 1) 642

This just shows how we need to return to the original apportionment of representatives, as laid out in the constitution, and never modified within. There must be one representative for every 30,000 people. If we did this, the government would not be so "Black and White" it would be shades of grey, and better represent the will of the people, not the will of the corporations.

Comment Re:Question the Senate & electoral college sys (Score 1) 419

This is why we need to go back to the apportionment as laid out in the constitution, 1 Representative for every 30,000 people. It would increase the number of representatives to almost 10,000, but each representative would represent a smaller number of people, and each would represent roughly the same number of people. Also, with 10,000 people, it would be much harder to buy votes. Also, the electoral college would balloon to be a much more representative sample, and we could even go so far that each seat was an individual vote, inside of winner-take-all for the whole state. This would also take politics away from Black and White to shades of grey, allowing for better, more inclusive, and less reactionary laws to be enacted, that are actually within the purview of Congress.

Comment Logical (Score 1) 299

It would be a great idea, much like antenna TV. This free Internet (don't call it WiFi), could be limited speed, limited use, and censored (like TV). Then if you want higher speeds, and uncensored you can purchase a service (either wired or wireless) similar to Cable/Satellite TV. There could even be Ads on it to pay for the service, either local ISPs or government can provide the service, or purpose built companies, like TV/Radio stations, and there could even be competition, to allow for the broadcasters to charge more for ad space.

Researchers Create Real Tractor Beams 111

Gadgetank writes "Researchers out of the Australian National University have created a device, working in conjunction with other necessary devices, that can literally move small particles with light. And only light. The way it works is by shining a hollow laser beam around some tiny glass particles. The researchers heat the air around the particles, and therefore cause the dark center of the beam to remain cool."

Discovery Threatens Fan Site It Also Promotes 287

An anonymous reader writes "It seems the lawyers and the marketing people at The Discovery Channel don't talk to each other much. The marketing people behind the show 'The Deadliest Catch' have been supporting a fan community called for a while now. They've regularly sent the site info, free clips, previews and information about the show. On top of that, they link to it from the official site, including it in a list of 'fan sites' as a part of the 'Discovery Network,' and even will frame the site with the show's own dashboard for those who click through. Discovery's lawyers, on the other hand, have threatened to sue the site out of existence and have demanded that the owner hand over the domain name — which he is going to do, because he doesn't have the money to fight this. While there may be a trademark issue (which could be easily resolved with a free license), the lawyers are also making the ridiculous argument that posting the videos Discovery sent him to post are copyright infringement. They're also claiming that embedding the official Discovery Channel YouTube videos (which have embedding turned on) is copyright infringement. This is exactly how you turn lots of fans into people who hate your entire channel."

Comment Easy Peasy (Score 1) 539

Most Hotels, Hospitals, College Dorms, and some Apartment Complexes, all use speciality equipment to distribute TV programming on channels they choose. Usually, they have a tuner box (for Cable or Sat), then send the output to a distribution panel which changes the frequency the channel is on.
An alternative idea is to replace all TVs with TVs with Cable Card slots, which remove the need for a cable box.
As local channels, and really most below 29/30 will be left analog, then boxes could be attached to TV in areas that really need the other channels, or simply remove the ability to have the expanded basic channels in city facilities.
The final idea is to revoke Comcast's license, until they provide you with alternatives.

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