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Comment What about seeing them listed as "online?" (Score 1) 284

I am single father of a 3 year old, her mother having passed away when she was just a few months old. Back then MySpace was still big and after her death I wanted to preserve her profile (especially blog and bulletin posts referencing our daughter). I could've taken screen shot after screen shot but that seemed quite the tedious process and there were a few posts that were private. I was able to guess her password after a few tries and start to archive this information but it took all of 5 minutes for me to receive several messages stating "Oh, my God. How are you on?" followed by a few people sending her account all of these intimate things they wished they had told her. I tried to stop reading as soon as I realized what was going on but this experience was still absolutely heart-wrenching for me, as this was only a few days after her passing. It took me several days to even bring myself to respond to those messages and crush their hopes that there was somehow an internet link to their perceived concept of an afterlife. So, if you happen to log into someone's account in order to preserve it after their death, make certain that you click "appear as offline" as soon as you log in :-/.

Comment Re:Don't f* with the IT guy like at restaurant you (Score 1) 774

Here in Indiana the age of consent is 16 and I have a friend whose boyfriend posted nude pictures of her back when they were both 16 onto his MySpace profile. Oddly enough the police investigated and said they couldn't do anything since she had consented to the taking of these pictures (albeit with the understanding that they would remain private) and that since Indiana law sets the AOC at 16 there was no wrongdoing. If I remember correctly they told her that this wasn't a violation of state law. (It was unclear but I'm pretty sure the game would have changed if he'd have made a single penny off of them) IANAL but I'm pretty sure he still violated some federal law but they never ended up pressing charges.

Comment Re:Texas (Score 1) 354

If this is used primarily as a commuter vehicle then many of those those in a big city will be parking their vehicles in a much cooler parking structure and then in the garage once they get home. I imagine that'd help mitigate the problem assuming you don't live in an area with high heat AND high humidity. I know here in Indiana shade from the sun doesn't make things much cooler :P. (but then again others have to deal with that problem year-round)

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