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Comment Consider the school's reputation (Score 1) 309

A technical college is good if you want to pick up a skilled trade, but from what you said in your post it might be better to go to a traditional college, community or otherwise. As far as getting a job goes, you need to consider the reputation of the school that you graduate from because that is something many companies consider when reviewing applicants. A good way to impress prospective employers as a CS or IT grad is to have some tangible project to tell them about or better yet show them.

Comment Re:300 feet of wireless stupidity (Score 1) 196

There are Insulin pumps that currently use IR to transmit and receive data form other devices, like blood glucose meters, and certain cell phones;My grandfather has an Accu-check Insulin pump System where the pump and meter used IR to store their log data in a Palm Centro phone. While IR might be more secure than any other form of wireless communication for these devices, based on range as you suggest, It is not convenient to transmit the data between devices regularly, due to the fact that all devices need to be set to transmit/receive mode, which is not always straight forward, and have the IR ports lined up within an inch of each other.

Submission + - The main advantages of Solar panel technology System (

scottmercer writes: "Solar energy systems are getting to be popular worldwide because of their possibility to save lots of money off rising energy bills for homes and businesses, together with shift our current dirty and expensive energy generation to some neat and affordable way. Nationwide solar PV and solar water systems are widespread in almost all issues with town; from powering homes, offices, buildings to government offices and public facilities.

A lot of people assume that home solar energy systems will swiftly replace fossil-fuel based types of as the approach plenty of people power their homes. This free and never-ending approach to create energy is really a superior strategy to create power for your residence, and is particularly more affordable than before.

There are lots of benefits associated with installing a property solar power system this also article aims to go into detail these different benefits. Taking a suns energy to deliver power for your homes is both beneficial to our environment and affordable.

The main benefit of installing a solar technology technique is that it supplies a means of generating neat and free electricity for the home. This can help to reduce or even eliminate monthly energy bills occasionally. While you have to be sure ignore the will probably pay back over recent years of operation, answer competent to manage this step through reduced energy bills.

Solar powered energy systems are reliable and functional. Solar electricity systems come in bad weather as well as at night as they have battery backup systems . The batteries carry enough electricity to power your house or business for the week or maybe more without sunlight. It truly is powered by the sun, the renewable fuel source. Sunshine provide you with power throughout your way of life, while other sources will ultimately become depleted. If extra power is necessary, a solar technology system can be associated with an energy grid.

That claimed, the most essential matter you're looking for to realize about house solar energy systems is you can keep on making electricity provided the sunlight retains on shining. Regardless of whether everybody had amongst these impressive techniques, you would not operate from energy. They probably are not out there to store owners in your almost photovoltaic solar power cells, which convert sun electricity into electricity. The photovoltaic cells that a majority of customers use for at-home solar techniques are organized in a photovoltaic panel.

Click this link to get additional information regarding this post."

Submission + - Unicode 6.1 released (

An anonymous reader writes: The latest version of the Unicode standard (v. 6.1.0) was officially released January 31. The latest version includes 732 new characters, inluding seven brand new scripts. It also adds support for distinguishing emoji-style and text-style symbols and emoticons with variation selectors, updates to the line-breaking algorithm to more accurately reflect Japanese and Hebrew texts, and updates other algorithms and technical notes to reflect new characters and newly documented text behaviors.

Comment Peter Parker is Spider-man (Score 1) 608

To a majority of people Peter Parker is the real Spider-man just like Clark Kent is Superman and Bruce Wane is Batman. While it is SOP to shake things up with who a super hero is in the comic books, characters that have become well established outside of comic books through other media exist in the public mind as the most common variation of that character. Through the various movies, cartoons and video games the average person associates Peter Parker as Spider-man, and may not know or care about Miles Morales as Spider-man, just like they may not know or are about Dick Grayson being Batman.

Comment Some people are just hooked (Score 1) 301

I once saw an older woman come into a local super market a few years ago and ask a fellow employee where the AOL CDs were. before the greeter could send the woman on a pointless trek to the opposite side of the store, I told the woman that we didn't have any and that I haven't seen an AOL CD in years, and that she should contact her phone company for internet access. The customer then asked if I knew of any other stores that might have AOL CDs.

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