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Comment And the funny part is where??? (Score 0) 888

If this is meant to be a joke then the author falls woefully short. If it's not meant as a joke then the rest of his site gives solid proof that he is a nut job. Let's start with the blatant attempts to get people to "donate" to him and his site, not all that unusual but it's a good starting point. Next clue is found in part of the URL that leads to the story"crackpots" yeah I think that one is self explanatory. I realize the author was referring to "crackpots" such as Stephen Hawkings and Albert Einstein but he should look in the mirror before tossing that insult out. Then there is the "article" on how the bible talks about Artificial Intelligence. The project that is going to revolutionize the software industry. Problem with that project is that like so many others it comes off as being "to advanced" for anyone but this person to really understand, that is what is normally referred to as Delusions of Grandeur. The whole site and all his ramblings lead me to one conclusion, he is either a woefully bad comedian, a frustrated grifter who lacks sufficient talent to con people face to face, or a a nut job or perhaps a little from all three cloums. If he is indeed serious he belongs in the camp with the people who believe that "intelligent design" is a legitimate branch of science and should be what is taught in school. If it's a joke then I hope he's got a day job.

In the end this is another in an increasing number of "articles" that are nothing more than lame filler here on slashdot. Next thing you know we'll be reading reprinted articles from the National Enquirer and having the slashdot moderators attempt to pass them off as legitimate content. It's sad because the person who runs the site this article was taken from can at least be passed off as a lunatic. However I expect the moderators here to have more intelligence and common sense than the aforementioned loony.

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