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Comment Explains a lot (Score 1) 148

I do this a lot actually.

Its very rare that I do this because I want the boss person to get involved. I do to keep them from swinging by my office and interrupting whatever I'm doing so they can ask how that particular activity is going (at which point I have to dig up that exact email to refresh my own memory). It also keeps them happier with me, which in the long run keeps me happier.

If I want them to *participate*, I'll add them on the recipient list, not the cc's.

Comment Re:I find this thoroughly unsurprising (Score 1) 344

The proposed Oregon legislation that I linked to earlier would make this use of your mobile device illegal.

As does the already passed legislation here in Oklahoma. One interesting facet of this is that using my mobile phone (which I already own) with Google Maps or Waze as a GPS navigation device is illegal, while using a $100+ Garman device mounted to the exact same spot for the exact same purpose is legal. Garman has some offices here in Oklahoma...

Comment Re:I find this thoroughly unsurprising (Score 1) 344

Well the phone is different because it was not designed to be used while driving. Compare the phone to the climate control or radio controls in a car. The radio controls are in a fixed place on the dash

My stereo has Bluetooth access, and I use my phone (mounted on a secure spot on the dash) as its head unit. That way I've got the same music options (including my entire 200+ CD library) available wherever I am. In this configuration, futzing with it is exactly like someone futzing with their stereo controls.

Now you may argue that it isn't designed for this use. However, it is far better designed for this use than most modern electronic car stereos. Many of those are designed so badly, with unnecessary extra menus, clicks, and delays you have to watch for (with your eyes), that Consumer Reports has started removing recommendations for the cars they come with.

There are a couple of options here. We can be Luddites and just try to blanket ban new things because some ways they are used are dangerous, or we can acknowledge that people will be doing it anyway, and try to do what we can to make what they will be doing safer. Standards for "car-safe" apps when hooked to a BT source would be a really good start.

Comment Re:I still don't 'get' realistic war simulations. (Score 1) 174

For example, good movies make you care about the characters, and care when they get injured or die.

For the "good guys" perhaps. How many of the dudes who got their brains clawed out in Logan did you care about? Or the guys who died in Mad Max: Fury Road? How about all those Death Stars in the various Star Wars flicks? They all had a small planet's worth of people on them when they were destroyed. John Wick, Deadpool... I think I just went through most of IMDB's current top 10 action movies.

Comment Re:Isn't that all Kodi? (Score 4, Interesting) 102

If they looked that far into it, why would anybody want a Kodi box at all, except for piracy? That's really the only reason to get one, whether they say "this is great for piracy!" or not.

There aren't a lot of mainstream streaming devices for cord-cutters that also act as a DVR. As a Roku user, that's the first thing that strikes me about it.

Comment Re:$100+ for a family (Score 1) 360

Actually, if the tickets were tiered (some movies definitely don't earn their ticket price), if the concession prices weren't obscene, and if there were ushers who would actually remove patrons disturbing everyone else...

Effectively, they are tiered. If you want to see it on day 1, and think the movie will be worth it, you can spend $20 and go see it in iMax 3D. If you don't think its worth that much, go see it for 2/3 to 1/2 price in normal "2D" (which you can also do on day 1, if you look around, but you'll have better luck waiting a week). If you don't think its worth even that much, wait 4+ weeks, and go see it at the discount cinema. If even that isn't worth the time/bother, then you've got HBO/Netflix for $10 a month, all you care to watch.

Comment Tagging the world (Score 2) 77

I remember the good old days on Usenet when advertisers and trolls discovered that the posting software allowed them to crosspost their junk to every single newsgroup in existence with no limitations or drawbacks whatsoever. The term "spam" was invented during the ensuing fun.

Now Twitter is going to unleash the same fun with tagging users for trolls and advertisers on their service. Its nice to see someone who still remembers and appreciates those good old days. You will no longer need to follow someone to get their garbage in your timeline. Ah, the memories... I can hardly wait!

Comment Re:How (Score 1) 301

I'm guessing you haven't read a lot of locally-generated user docs. The fact that I don't use "ran" in the present or future tense puts me one leg up over at least 2 of my co-workers.

But to be honest, not that I've noticed. I started using singular "they" my senior year in high-school (at a college prep school back in the mid-80's) and used it all through college, and never got marked off for it. I used to have my mother (a professional editor) look over my high-school papers before turning them in too, and don't remember being told not to do that.

There are a lot of English "rules" that are really only rules to people who actually don't know the language that well.

Comment Tulsa (Score 2) 253

Just crunched the numbers for my hometown (Tulsa, OK). Both the average rents ($175/month) and the average commute (21.3 minutes) would be in their top 5.

Yeah, we're not exactly a famous tech hub. But we do have a pretty decent concentration of telecommunications and flight simulation work here. Enough to keep me employed and happy with my 15-30 minute commute and my house that would cost $3.5 Million in San Fran.

Comment Re:Because they're pulling from places they should (Score 1) 90

Before you jump to conclusions about "racist software," I can tell you that the reason for this is very well known and understood: lighting and contrast ratios. Specifically, you get a much higher contrast ratio of faces with light skinned people from image sensors than do you for dark

It holds true for really crappy cameras, like webcams with bad lighting, but most cameras over a few hundred dollars are actually pretty good at capturing contrast

I can see nothing wrong with comparing a still camera in a studio to a video stream shot 15 feet away on a subway platform. Nothing at all.

Which brings us back around to where we started. It appears they are quite satisfied to use cheap cameras setups that are good enough not to overly misidentify white people, and then stop there.

Comment Re:Yeesh (Score 1) 301

"Everyone needs to be sure to tighten one's safety belt before approaching the cliff."

I'm sorry, but that just looks godawful. I do a lot of writing, and if you ever see me write something like that, I guarantee I was drunk at the time.

In order to even begin to be proper, you'd have to replace "Everyone" with "One" as well. If you change pronouns in mid-sentence, the implication is that they refer to different people, and that's going to trip up your reader. Even then, its sounds super-duper formal. Sometime you actually want that, but its very rare.

So no, this doesn't work at all. We have a perfectly good informal pronoun for this situation, that goes all the way back to Shakespeare: "their".

Comment Re:How (Score 1) 301

How is this related to tech in anyway whatsoever?

Ever written a user's guide? A "user" is by definition a third person singular entity of unknown gender. I've been making robust use of singular "they" in documentation my entire 30-year career. It's nice to see that some of the style guides will finally have my back. Previously I've mostly just relied on the fact that most people are just grateful I wrote any documentation at all.

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