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Comment No Beef here (Score 1) 1027

Sorry, even being an avid Linux user, I see Windows Phones' Metro interface being way ahead of its time. Finally, Microsoft makes something, from scratch, that's worth buying, and because it says "Windows" and "Microsoft" people wont buy it and will simply bitch about it without picking it up. I wouldn't say its doomed to fail, Windows Mobile has survived before, and there are plenty of niche markets out there that are like this. Just because its not "The next best thing" doesn't mean its a failure. Just because your car doesn't make 1000 horsepower, gets 200 miles/gallon and costs 15 grand, doesn't mean its a 'failure'. Everyone has preferences. People have bought the Lumia, they love it. So Nokia has to downsize, stop the fucking presses. -TM

Comment I like it; you all need to relax. (Score 1) 116

I'm not one to give Microsoft a break, but I do give credit where credit is due. Im glad they are taking an initiative in moving away from the Frankenstein WIMP model that has plaqued even the best of programs out there. The first release of metro May be a little rough, but what do you expect? People bitch when Microsoft copies (when everyone else does it just as much) but when Microsoft actually tries to spearhead something new, people still bitch. It's not even the end of Q1 2012, and they are expecting to be launching by Q4 2012, so give the boys in Redmond a break, they are actually trying something new. When the finished product shows up, then you can bitch.

Comment Why Metro works. (Score 0) 500

Metro is a great interface. For Tablets, Phones, and even Laptops. Desktop is a bit iffy, but I like it. That's why Microsoft is testing it still. I, in my humble opinion, Believe that Metro represents a step forward into clean, easier to use, interface that is fluent on multiple devices. Including the desktop. I like using the Metro on my desktop, as it provides a great way to get information faster. With the tiles, you can easily view incoming data, or click it once to open up fast and fluent. It "Just works" great. Now all this is my opinion. But let's take a good look at WIMP. Its a great, tried-and-true paradigm. But if WIMP/GUI never challenged CLI, the world would be a much different place. It's new, but let's give it a chance. WIMP wasn't perfect when it first came out. It needed tweaks, and fixes and overhauls to get it right. So, I say let's give it a fair chance and stop the bickering here. Microsoft, for the first time in a long time, has actually brought something brand new to the table. Its a first try, and remember this is a beta. TM

Comment Congrats! (Score 5, Insightful) 106

Instead of playing who has the bigger cock here (I'm looking at you America, Russia, ESA). Lets congratulate another country making its way into space, opening the way for human expansion to the cosmos. We need to get over this "my country has a bigger cock than yours" or "the USA is doomed because China is now in space" and start concentrating on collaboration as a species. Congrats, China! Welcome to the club. -T

Comment Here we go again... (Score 1) 235

This whole deal trying to shrink a PC into a tablet form factor has been tried, tried, tried again, tried yet again, and ultimately, failed. PC tablets are a joke. The Tablet market needs its own Operating System and its own Platform. I'm very happy that Microsoft is trying its hand in shrinking Windows into a metamorphic interface that can adapt to the form factor (A La Windows 8). But that OS is over a year away. Android and iOS did it right, and others are following. Take the hint, HP. You should have gave your WebOS tablet another chance. Not revert back to a failed product. Morons. -T

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