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Comment Re:Why? Trust. (Score 2, Insightful) 342

While it's fair enough to say that, I've found that "Just Works" principle applies to all major OS distributions (well, except my first few Gentoo installs). Apple's marketing compaign for "It Just Works" generally works by the principle of "Anything that Might Not Work We Disabled." That said, the Safari 4 beta seems interesting, and I've heard good things about it, but I, for one, shall not buy into this "It Just Works" ethos when I download it. Which I shall do subsequent to this post.

Comment Re:Definitely bring it to HR (Score 1, Funny) 675

Additionally: If they kept you on payroll for seven years, it would be difficult to explain why they did so while evaluating your performance badly.

Well, it's "left on bad terms" as opposed to "we fired him for being terrible." You could have a sparkling record, but if one day you go a little Fight Club in the boss's office then it's all for nothing, really.

Comment Anonymous and Safe mutually exclusive? What? (Score 1) 690

Personally I think being identifiable has much bigger security issues. Still, I think that an internet that has inter-internet border guards might as well not be the internet at all. Maybe if there were some way to switch between one or the other for whatever you're doing. Super-secure connection mode and anonymous-style connection mode. What we really need is less morons on the internet.

Comment Languages other than English? (Score 4, Insightful) 90

And, will open source licenses ever finally get translated into languages besides English?"

(Zonker says that translation into 7 languages was done for openSUSE 11.1.)

Well, unless those seven languages are English, English, English, English, English, English and English, then I'd think it's safe to assume so.

Comment Re:So it is "ethical" provided no one makes a mist (Score 1) 785

Uh, yes, that is what logically follows. If there's an obvious 'kill-zone' and you let your children anywhere near it without some form of restraint... well, let me rephrase this slightly: if there's an obvious {zone of danger} and you let your children anywhere near this zone without some sensible form of restraint (here's a good form of restraint: don't bloody go there you ninny).

Replace the {zone of danger} with anything you like - giant chasm, electrical transformer, soldier going on a PTSD rampage, other form of serial killing, warzone, bomb test site, massive fire, colony of starved cannibals, nuclear fallout site, Barney the Dinosaur's house - and you shouldn't be surprised if your child falls down a cliff, gets electrocuted, stabbed, shot, caught in crossfire, bombed, burned to death, eaten alive, develops cancer or gets molested.
While it may not always be an 'accident' as such, it's hardly the zone's fault. It didn't go, "Bwahaha I WILL TAKE THIS CHILD" it just so happened that something was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Except in the Barney's House case; that one is genuinely malicious. I hate that goddamn dinosaur.
The Almighty Buck

How To Make Money With Free Software 81

bmsleight writes "The Dutch Ministry of Finance organized an architecture competition to design not a building, but rather the new 5-Euro commemorative coin. The theme was 'Netherlands and Architecture'. The winning design was made 100% with free software, mainly Python, but also including The Gimp, Inkscape, Phatch, and Ubuntu. The design is amazing — the head of Queen Beatrix is made up of the names of architects based on their popularity in Yahoo searches (rendered in a font of the artist's own devising). In the end the artist, Stani Michiels, had to collaborate closely on location with technicians of the Royal Dutch Mint, so all the last bits were done on his Asus Eee PC. Soon, 350,000 Dutch people will use and enjoy the fruits of free software."

"Vetrolium" From Agricultural Waste 438

junctionvin writes "The company Sustainable Power Corp. claims to have created a form of bio-crude oil from agricultural refuse. They use agro-waste from cracked soy beans, rice and cotton seed hulls, grain sorghum, milo, and jatropha and turn it into bio-crude oil. This crude can then be further refined into everything from gasoline to jet fuel and just about every petrochemical in between. The CEO is quoted: 'Our biggest problem is that we are too good to be true. We can literally replace every gallon of gasoline, diesel and jet fuel in the United States using just 12 percent of the waste byproducts in the country.' They also claim that their fuel burns to near 100 percent efficiency." The article doesn't mention what price the "vetrolium" would command in today's market or going forward, except to report the CEO's promise "to one day sell his gasoline for $1 less than the pump price for regular fuel, no matter what the cost. 'Even if it's $2 per gallon, I'll sell mine for $1,"' he said."

Huge Leap Forward In Robotic Limb Replacement 153

BlueshiftVFX sends us to Wired for some video of the impressive, mind-controlled prosthetic robot arm invented by Dean Kamen. "Kamen's arm, dubbed 'Luke' (after Skywalker, I assume), is an incredibly sophisticated bit of engineering that's lightyears ahead of the clamping 'claws' that many amputees are forced to use today. The arm is fully articulated, giving the user the same degrees of movement as a natural arm, and is sensitive enough to pick up a piece of paper, a wineglass, or even a grape without mishap."

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