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Comment Re:Speeders - boo (Score 1) 680

I ride a scooter and am constantly seeing people turning right without stopping, speeding up to make the yellow, and otherwise going about their very important lives. There are laws to stop them from shortening the yellow interval to increase revenue. If you can't observe the posted laws, you shouldn't be on the road.

Comment Re:Unfriggin believable (Score 1) 115

It is directly related. The Plame incident was a deliberate "leak" to expose a CIA operative who had been supposedly effective in her mission. We will never know how many of her operatives were killed because of the Bush administrations treasonous activity. Yes treasonous. Bush the first signed a law which made it treason to out an operative of the CIA.

I'm not saying that the NSA employee should not be prosecuted. He should be. This administration, instead of "looking forward", should be investigating the malfeasance of the previous administration and implement prosecutions for violations of the law when applicable.

Last I checked, NO ONE in the United States is above the law.

Comment Re:Unfriggin believable (Score 1) 115

Federal government employees released information on Valerie Plame which decimated on-going operations. That pretty much has everything to do with busting a federal employee for releasing data. The main difference is the guy at the NSA is a lowly underling, and those involved in the Valerie Plame incident were in the executive branch, or acting on their behalf.

Comment Re:Why I no longer fly (Score 1) 45

Ok, so they weren't called TSA, but I went through metal detectors, had to turn my laptop on, etc. As far as box cutters... from a USA Today Article.
Pre-9/11 rules barred box cutters
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Airlines failed to enforce existing security guidelines on Sept. 11 that required airport screeners to confiscate box cutters from passengers, according to documents obtained by The Associated Press.
Government rules did not specifically bar the objects before last year's the attacks, but the airlines were in charge of security then, with the Federal Aviation Administration overseeing their performance. The airlines issued a manual in 1994 that listed for screeners items passengers could not carry past airport checkpoints.
The AP obtained a copy of the document, which included box cutters such as those purportedly used by the Sept. 11, 2001, hijackers.....

All-in-all, what happened on 9/11 was an epic fail on many, many levels of government security. Now, because of the governments failures, anyone who flies is subject to ridiculous regulations which will never stop anyone but the most stupid perpetrator. Have they even started screening the baggage and freight in the belly of the flights??? No? Didn't think so, but, get ready to pose nekkid for the TSA examiner.

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