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Comment Re:Do no evil indeed (Score 5, Informative) 383

OrgName: Google Inc.
Address: 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway
City: Mountain View
StateProv: CA

That just indicates that the network is registered under Google CA, not that any authorisation for the activity going over that network is. The only thing we can really infer is that the operation is larger than _just_ the Kenyan office, but whether that's some Kenyan dude calling his buddy in India to do him a favour, or the CEO of Google personally masterminding an eeeeeevil takeover of everything, is anybody's guess. Probably somewhere in between.

Lego Robot Solves Bigger and Harder Rubik's Cubes 63

kkleiner writes "It was only two months ago that we saw Mike Dobson's Cube Stormer Lego robot that could solve any 3x3 Rubik's cube in less than 12 seconds. You would think that there was only one person in the world crazy enough and talented enough to pull this off, but now we have found someone else that is just as amazing. The latest Rubik's cube-solving Lego monstrosity is called the MultiCuber, and although it's constructed out of nothing but Mindstorms components and a laptop, it can solve 2×2, 3×3, 4×4, and 5×5 cubes all in the same build! As if that weren't enough, a larger version solves the dreaded 6×6 Rubik's. We discovered the MultiCuber when its creator, David Gilday (IAssemble), wrote us an email to brag about its puzzle-solving might. Consider us impressed, sir."

Comment Re:Assuming they are actually using IE8. (Score 1) 342

Except that, by using a not-most-popular browser, they dodge all generic attacks not specifically aimed at them. Which is, oh, most of them. As you say, a crafted attack will exploit a known bug in a known used system, and so doesn't matter which (since they all have exploits at various points in their lifecycle), but removing yourself from the random crossfire can't be bad.

Comment Re:"latest fully patched" (Score 1) 342

I'm assuming that they will be running AD domains, with a local MS SUS server (and Automatic Updates setup correctly). This is, I realise, not necessarily the case. If the network admin is any good at all, he will approve (and set a deadline) on all security updates. This should keep everything up to date. Again, I realise this isn't always the case, but on a properly set up, properly maintained network, it's relatively easy to make sure that everyone is running the latest MS products and updates.

Comment Re:Geeks miss the point again. (Score 1) 756

That's why Apple is making $$$ these days. Because they're removing 60 percent of the features and making the remaining 40 percent configuration free and so polished they make your eyes hurt.

No. It's because they know people are woefully uneducated, such as your wife, and they tap into that latent stupidity for an exploit sale. Go Apple! Perhaps you should look at a basic computing course, rather than an accessory that she can show off at her next book club meeting. "Look Molly! It doesn't have any of those yucky files that my old notebook had!" Seriously, this is the problem with apple users - most of the time, they really don't need what they're buying, or know how it works.

Comment Re:Of course! (Score 1) 531

Yes. I was flabbergasted by some listener phoning in to a radio station, and exclaiming about how WONDERFUL an idea the iPad was, thanks to the touch screen. She had obviously never been exposed to a tablet PC in her life. Seriously, if the iPad is even the slightest bit successful, I will hold Apple users in even more disdain than I do currently. Which is quite a lot.

Dinosaur Feather Color Discovered 219

anzha writes "Do you remember being a kid and told we'd never know what colors the dinosaurs were? For at least some, that's no longer true. Scientists working in the UK and China have closely examined the fossils of multiple theropods and actually found the colors and patterns that were present in the fossilized proto-feathers. So far, the answer is orange, black and white in banded and other patterns. The work also thoroughly thrashes the idea that fossils might not be feathers, but collagen fibers instead. If this holds up, Birds Are Dinosaurs. Period. And colorful!"

Submission + - Snow Leopard Incompatibility List Grows (appscout.com)

adeelarshad82 writes: It was only last week when we found out that Apple's OS X was not compatible with Palm-OS powered mobiles. However, this week news has it that the list of incompatibile software includes some other big names. The actual list is posted on Apple's site. The list is broken up into two parts: Software Restricted During Installation, and Software Restricted from Opening.

Comment Heat seeking (Score 1) 389

From the linked article: "During the demonstration flight, the system was used to observe a car accident, a city announcement said. The camera detected the collision due to the heat produced by the vehicles, and within seconds focused on the area and provided a clear picture of all vehicles and people in the area."

Wait, what? So, light a fire somewhere far away from where you're going to commit the crime, and the camera will detect the heat and look away? What are the exact specs of this system anyway?

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