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Comment WikiExperts? (Score 1) 608

If an incredible resource like Wikipedia cannot even raise 16 tiny millions then the world can burn for all I care.

And what is this WikiExperts thingy? Keep your crappy suggestions to your crappy site/business and please stay away from Wikipedia's future.

Comment Re:failure redefined again (Score 2, Interesting) 67

Think about the return on investment.....all of the miniturization and science driven by the space program. ROI is staggering.

Didn't you forget mind-blowing photos of the heavens as hmm.. a significant part of the return on investment? Of course revealing more of the celestial vault isn't measured in $$$, so yeah you can probably omit them.

Comment NeHe is horribly outdated (Score 1) 117

Look for OpenGL ES 2 books and tutorials, e.g this one :

OpenGL ES is OpenGL minus the totally outdated stuff you should never pay attention to (and which is sadly used in most web OpenGL tutorials, because they're all old), i.e it's a subset of OpenGL and is the right way to learn and do OpenGL programming today.

Comment Re:Did Columbus run simulations before departing ? (Score 1) 356

Thank you for your informed opinion. Where did you get your degree in psychology or sociology? Is it a Masters or a PhD?

No degree needed to know that the people taking part in the simulation will likely be very different from the ship crew, who won't be faking love and hate stories like their favorite TV reality show.

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