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Comment Trade and F&I (Score 3, Insightful) 439

Most of the comments have been made by people who have never worked within the automobile industry and who hate the current process of buying a car. That's fine, but they're missing some important parts of the picture. The first unmentioned part is that the majority of deals involve a trade. As much as you think people hate buying cars, you will quickly discover that they hate selling their cars even more. Most people are entirely too lazy to prep their cars for sale, and are usually unwilling to invest in the repairs that will facilitate the sale of their vehicles. The second issue is that a huge percentage of the buying public has marginal to poor credit. The auto dealership essentially preps and polishes the credit application, and then finds a lender willing to buy marginal paper.

These two criteria eliminate about 85% of the buying public from purchasing directly from the factory. Really.

Comment Party like it's 1999 (Score 1) 93

As a survivor of the first bubble, followed by the SoCal Real Estate bubble, all I can say is that my BS detector is making loud whooping noises. A company is worth a a reasonable multiple of its earnings; nothing more. And reasonable doesn't mean 650x.

Comment Start here (Score 1) 182

Not to belabour the obvious, but why not start here:

That and never, ever insert user-supplied data into a query without using the vendor approved escape mechanism, even if you've done your own safety checks.

Comment Re:"co-create" a language? (Score 1) 179

A very nice and thoughtful comment. Sometimes I come across more negative than I prefer, but a pet peeve of mine is speech designed to fold, spindle and mutilate the simple truth. Had the authors of the study chosen to use terms similar to your own, I would cheer them onward. Jokes about "dolphin sausage" aside, who can help but smile when around the animals?

Perhaps I mean to say that I like dolphins but dislike bunny huggers? Especially academic bunny huggers out to exploit public affection for the animals.

Comment Why spread the dysfunction? (Score 1) 265

Seriously, folks, why are we so eager to spread our dysfunction? Until we can manage the basics of sanity here on Earth, we have no business spreading to the stars. I'm not even talking about an idealised society of some kind; I'm just suggesting basic stability, justice and social order. Two thirds of the globe live in grinding misery,most of which is entirely preventable. I'd even go so far as to say that 85% of human misery is self-inflicted; the remainder is inherent in the human condition.

By any reasonable metric, social science has fallen abjectly behind "hard" science. In my view, this is because of the primacy of subjectivism and relativism in the humanities, but I'm certainly open to other explanations. I'm not opposed to space travel, even interstellar travel, which is almost entirely wishful thinking by the innumerate, I just think we should put our own house in order before we trash our neighbour's place.

Comment Counter point -- pre-emptive reboot (Score 5, Insightful) 705

One minor point of disagreement. I'm a fan of the pre-emptive reboot at specific intervals, whether the interval be 30 days, 60 days, or 90 days is up to you. In the past, I've found the pre-emptive reboot will trigger hidden system problems, but at a time when you're actually ready for them, rather than at a time when they happen spontaneously ( 2:30 in the morning ).

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