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Comment hilarious - delayed five more years (Score 1) 90

a company devoid of the technology and money it would take to make a manned Mars mission says the mission is delayed. Nothing was delayed, that company is not going to Mars in 2031, even a global superpower pouring hundreds of billions won't go there within two decades, technological impossibility. I'm all for colony on Mars, but that will be by USA or China and in 40+ years, that's reality.

Comment Re:Liability? (Score 3, Insightful) 187

Get your head screwed on, this isn't "due dillegence" as the phones can still catch fire for weeks.

No, Verizon not liable, contracts in place with Samsung and other phone providers make them not Verizon liable for anything the phone does.

only 35 reported fires out of 3 million phones, those phones are MUCH more likely to be used for emergency comm than to catch fire.

Verizon made correct business decision, good thing most slashdotters don't run a business.

Comment Re:Abuse of power? (Score 1) 471

Obama runs his mouth or takes pointless actions such as these do give appearance of "doing something."

He's mostly a disappointment, thought he'd accomplish certain things but instead gives us Republican healthcare plan that further fluffs up big insurance and big pharmy and big healthcare chain, fraud and scam energy company support, making Bush/Cheney wiretaps and violation of privacy even worse....disgusting.

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