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Comment Re: No brainer (Score 1) 171

Ok, so I should have said there is no legal definition of pirating concerning copyright.

Most people would have read that into the comment seeing how the entire discussion being replied to was about copyright. But I guess I should admit that I did not account for the one interpretation by someone not following along.

Comment Re:No (Score 1) 171

Check out section 108 of the US copyright law. It provides exceptions for libraries and archival libraries. You really have no "copyright" say in the matter with Internet Archive is a bonafide library and your legal rights granted by copyright do not apply to them.

Other sites, yes. But not for the internet archive.

Comment Re: No brainer (Score 2) 171

Internet Archive is recognized as a bona-fide library organization recognized by the library of congress and US copyright office and as such is immune from most copyright laws in their pursuit of archiving and allowing access- with some restrictions of course.

Section 108 lays out the framework but US regulations provide more specifics in the exemptions and uses. As far as I know, they fall completely within the scope of the laws and limitations even if they ignore the robots.txt because the copyright law creates an exception to the rights imposed by law concerning libraries.

Even though there is no legal definition of pirating, I don't think they apply to even the common definition if translated to legal means as they are exempt from the restrictions normal people and organizations are subject to.

Comment demographics (Score 1) 223

Maybe more older people are wisely avoided sugared soft drinks and drinking the diet sodas but have the increased risk of dementia and stroke purely because of age.

My father drinks diet drinks, he's 75. I'll let everyone know when the poisonous effects kick in. My dead grandma also drank them and she was cut down at the tender young age of 90 by the artificial chemicals causing fatal stroke

Comment Re:Serving his friends against his constituents (Score 0) 256

I'm already doing better because of some of the things Trump has done, and I'm just a middle class plebe

one of the customers of those hotels is business people...what's your definition of "rich"?

Maybe businessmen know how to get shit done and politicians don't?

Comment Re:Yeah, Climate Change isn't real /sarcasm (Score 1, Flamebait) 306


this situation with La. coastline has zero to do with climate change, even the "rising sea level" cited as reason is not valid.

yes after giving the prime causes, even that article mentions that *lately* climate change is also given as reason....without citation of course. because it isn't relevant at all next to the primary factors

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