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Comment Re:Old (Score 1) 342

I think everyone comparing WoW to Eve is missing a critical point... the very nature of Eve makes it significantly easier to maintain a large number of people within a single shard. In Eve the world is very large, providing a separation between players that allows the server to cut down on traffic. Not only that, but there are an extremely limited number of AI controlled characters, or in general moving environmental items. The environment WoW is in has a significantly higher level of complication in terms of data to keep track of, thus a much smaller population is supported on a single server.
Emulation (Games)

Nintendo Upset Over Nokia Game Emulation Video 189

An anonymous reader writes "Nintendo is investigating potential copyright infringement by Nokia during some video demos of their N900 phone, which can be seen emulating Nintendo games. Nintendo spokesman Robert Saunders says: 'We take rigorous steps to protect our IP and our legal team will examine this to determine if any infringement has taken place.' In the video, Nokia says, 'Most publishers allow individual title usage, provided that the user is in possession of the original title.'"

Comment Re:games? (Score 1) 201

I still consider it a console port. Even if it was originally designated for PC they're not going to make the PC version dramatically different/improved over the console versions. They're going to try to make an even playing experience across all consoles to keep a good name for the game.

Comment Re:games? (Score 1) 201

Its for the enthusiast market. And yes there are games that would benefit from that monster. Namely: Crysis. There has yet to be a computer built that can run Crysis on a 30" monitor at max settings with a minimum FPS above 25. There are a handful of other high end games that will also push the limits when you move into a 30" monitor environment or multiple monitor setups. In fact this graphics card in a very high end rig still has trouble pushing out more than 30 FPS *average* in Crysis on a 30" monitor. For smoothest play you want an average FPS around 50 (this is debated, some people are okay with 40+) and a minimum around 25 FPS. Especially with the addition of Eyefinity there will no doubt be enthusiast users who would like to run their games on multiple monitors, which requires significantly more graphics power.

Should Computer Games Adapt To the Way You Play? 404

jtogel writes "Many games use 'rubberbanding' to adapt to your skill level, making the game harder if you're a better player and easier if you're not. Just think of Mario Kart and the obvious ways it punishes you for driving too well by giving the people who are hopelessly behind you super-weapons to smack you with. It's also very common to just increase the skill of the NPCs as you get better — see Oblivion. In my research group, we are working on slightly more sophisticated ways to adapt the game to you, including generating new level elements (PDF) based on your playing style (PDF). Now, the question becomes: is this a good thing at all? Some people would claim that adapting the game to you just rewards mediocrity (i.e. you don't get rewarded for playing well). Others would say that it restricts the freedom of expression for the game designer. But still, game players have very different skill levels and skill sets when they come to a game, and we would like to cater to them all. And if you don't see playing skill as one-dimensional, maybe it's possible to do meaningful adaptation. What sort of game adaptation would you like to see?"

Comment Re:Read what you just wrote. (Score 1) 1255

Not to say I disagree with you, but I wonder how you would feel if instead of a black person in chains pulling in the next slide, there was a white person. Do you think people would declare racism? Maybe a few. But most people would recognize it for what it is: a joke. I think the problem is that people are too sensitive.

Comment Re:Heh heh (Score 1) 185

And I'm not saying they're good right now, but why in the world would Nvidia bother going to court over this if they have no intention of continuing chipset development? The point is that these rumors are simply based on a different interpretation of the same public information everyone has. And so far there is no reason to believe they are leaving the chipset industry for good.

Comment Re:This is False (Score 1) 185

Its true but there are rumors about companies that get publicized every day. Most of them simply aren't true. The point is that right now there's not real evidence that Nvidia is planning a long term halt of chipset development, so all we can go off is what the company releases.

Comment Re:No, it isn't (Score 1) 185

That leaves the ION for the moment. As for stopping the development of AMD chipsets, mostly we just wait and see what they announce soon. They already have chipsets that cover all released AMD models, so its not exactly a damage move for them to simply keep selling what they have until they can move forward their Intel chipsets alongside the AMD market.

Comment Re:This is False (Score 1) 185

I'm assuming you didn't score too well in reading comprehension back in school.

Funny, I was going to say the same about you:

So, until we resolve this matter in court next year, we’ll postpone further chipset investments for Intel DMI CPUs.


Despite Intel's actions, we have innovative products that we are excited to introduce to the market in the months ahead. We know these products will bring with them some amazing breakthroughs that will surprise the industry, just as GeForce 9400M and ION have shaken up the industry this year.

We expect our MCP business for both Intel and AMD to be strong well into the future.

Perhaps you should try actually reading the article before posting a response.

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