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Comment Re:Password Managers, people (Score 1) 41

My encrypted password DB is in my Google drive so I can access it from my computer or directly from an app on my phone when I'm not in front of my PC but need a password. This requires wifi or a data connection but otherwise it's been working great so far.

I did this using KeePass and a Google drive plugin, but there are other plugins available as well.

Comment All they need now is contents (Score 2) 105

I've browsed Prime Video since I got it for free with my Prime subscription and frankly, it's lackluster.

They have a few cool original shows but there's way too much contents that you have to purchase, sorry... rent, on top of your subscription to actually watch. They have a pretty huge library but I need to pay extra for most of it and I'm not only talking about current seasons, a lot of old stuff needs to be paid for as well.

If I'd be paying 8.99$/month I would expect access to the whole catalog, not 1/3 of it.

Comment Re:I you think you need this (Score 1) 161

And then what? Dogs need to be punished immediately otherwise they don't understand why you're yelling and you're just making them nervous. I guess you could use the system while home, but it seems a bit expensive just to detect if your dog like to be comfortable when he sleeps.

Comment Re:Jesus christ (Score 1) 116

I've been driving for nearly 30 years and I have yet to come up with a reason why my car needs to be on the internet. Or my DVD player. Or TV. Or refrigerator. Or light bulbs. They all seem to work just fine in standalone mode.

Well, the TV and DVD kind of make sense with the advent of streaming video services.

Everything else though... yeah... that seems pretty dumb until you realize that there were probably lots of folks who didn't see the point of wiring electricity in everyone's homes, they'd been living without electricity just fine for years, who needed that?

So yeah, internet on your light bulbs is pretty much just a novelty now, but in a few years we might get some interesting innovations out of it.

Comment Explanation needed. (Score 1) 275

"Ensuring a consistent experience for all users."

I don't get this. If the card system used the universal SD card system (which everyone already uses in their phone/camera), then the experience would still be consistent. The only difference is that now everyone is getting consistently pissed off at SONY for being forced to use a proprietary card system that's very expensive and useless with anything else.

Comment Re:It's broken for me (Score 1) 839

Speaking of which, it's 2011, why do PVRs look and work as if they came from 1995?

I'm with Videotron in Canada and we're forced to use Scientific Atlanta PVRs and they are horrible. Switching channels takes seconds (used to be instant with regular cable, so no more zapping), the interfaces are butt-ugly and the features are non-existent (why, for the love of god, can't I hide the channels that I'm not paying for?).

Stop fiddling with headache enducing-gimmicky 3D and instead work on providing decent hardware to actually improve the user experience.

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