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Comment PUE unfairness (Score 1) 62

Actually PUE as a metric for comparison favours longer established datacentres too, compared to potentially better designed more efficient ones that have just been built. So it's a bit of a "perverse" metric.
A room already filled up to capacity with IT equipment will score well on PUE because cooling, consumption etc will be balanced and close to it's design capacity, whereas a room that has just opened and has only begun to be filled up, will have power distribution and cooling equipment designed to deliver well in excess of what's being consumed, making it harder to get a good PUE score for year 1. Power and cooling equipment always has a design optimum and hardly ever scales linearly with what's being required of it. Compartimentalised (cold/warm aisle) data centre layouts make up for that a little bit, but make the data centre overall appear more expensive from a price per square foot / rackspace perspective.

Comment Maybe cause and effect are reversed? (Score 3, Interesting) 176

Has anyone given a thought to the possibility that the Roman civilisation could get "so advanced" BECAUSE they had such violent entertainment, providing both an 'escape valve' / release mechanism for violent tendencies, as well as a demonstration of how bad things can get when violence is let loose rampant in society in general?
Think of American Football in comparison - fake / controlled violence of two teams head-butting a ball across a field for the sake of sport ... then extrapolate.
(And if you hold the position that American Football isn't violent, then why do players need more body armour than any in other team sport in existence?)
The abhorrence for violence is a rather newly developed cultural trait in western 'civilised' society and the way that question is being framed is a judgemental way of projecting that cultural value onto the ancient Romans:
"how could such an advanced culture have staged such bloody spectacles?"
It's a rather emotional way of asking, unless taken literally, when the answer is "by using slaves and wild animals and staging violent scenes in a controlled environment such as a theatre" - duh ...

Comment Little Einsteins (Score 1) 701

Pat pat pat pat pat pat pat pat BLAST OFF!!
Just because my 2 year old in the back seat who can barely talk, participates by tapping & raising his little fists in the BLAST OFF!

Comment ARC - exactly about what you want to discuss (Score 1) 293

You may want to have a look at New Scientist magazine's digital futurology spin-off "ARC". They aim to publish 4 a year (2.1 was just released, 2013 saw 4 releases) and it's all about trying to look forward into the future. Short stories, SF restrospectives and non-fictional introspectives, all in a neat little bundle.

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