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Comment Re:*Tear* (Score 1) 12

This is actually pretty cool, they've recognised that a marriage is just something silly you agree upon and if to them being married on facebook is as important as to some people is that a random stranger who happens to be a priest says you're married ... why not?

Comment Re:DVD Sales Gap (Score 2, Insightful) 378

It takes an hour to download a 720p movie. You don't usually _need_ a 1080p movie. And more importantly, with the technological marvel that is streaming you can start watching after 15 minutes (unless you're downloading .mkv or something) and the playtime will not catch up to the download time.

But then again, some people don't have FTTH like most of us in developed countries do. :)

Comment Re:yep... (Score 1) 778

Personally I carry both a watch and a cell phone at all times and always end up checking the phone for time instead of the watch. When I'm not on the move I usually just check the computer because it's much closer to hand than either the watch or the phone.

Comment Re:feign ignorance... (Score 1) 606

NAh, you can't really expect a multifunction printer to just work. There are plenty of printers out there that do not follow and standard and need special drivers and so on.

What makes a fucking moron out of people is those printers generally have a sticker that says stop- run the instalation cd and follow instructions before connecting this printer. It's generally in the spot covering where the cable goes so you can't really miss it.

Why not? We have one of those impressive big multifunction printers at the office and all it takes is telling my mac "hey, there's a printer there" and it just works.

Whereas my colleague on windows told the computer where the printer is, then had to install the drivers anyway (it's a shared thingy) and after two hours of fiddling around simply gave up and let me print his stuff. Windows is a funny system like that ...

Comment Re:feign ignorance... (Score 2) 606

The fucking moron never installed any drivers, just plugged it in and expected it to work. (I still have the printer at home, working perfectly.

This isn't the fucking 1990's again! Printers and pretty much anything else is supposed to just work (tm) when you plug it in ... then again, I guess some people are still on windows.

Comment Re:Useful (Score 2, Informative) 134

but I'm wondering what the actual useful applications might be.

Quite simple actually, they tell you when you need to start closing stuff. See my computers often get laggy because I'm doing many things at once and it's useful to know who the culprit is. Did I forget to shut down a tab with flash in it, or did something hang in the background and made everything crap. Often with two cores you'll get a hung app and not notice for a few days before you tax the other core enough to start problems.

Comment Re:Good for pre-teens, but not older (Score 1) 607

Oh I understand that trust and whatnot are very important, don't worry, parents taught me that well enough. Like if you don't display yourself as trustworthy then people won't trust you and it will be much more difficult to get them to do stuff for you ... just an example.

Perhaps I just learned at too young an age that trust can be gamed and manipulated and that even if people momentarily lose their trust in you it's relatively easy to regain that trust at will. And if you don't want htem losing trust you simply make certain you aren't caught doing whatever it was you did.

Comment Re:Good for pre-teens, but not older (Score 1) 607

Sorry for duplicate reply, but, just why do parents think the "I lost a lot of respect in you and quite a bit of trust" line works? Now maybe I was just special, but whenever my parents tried to pull that shit on me I just laughed about it and did the exact same wrong thing next time, often simply because they would get 'upset' about it. Seriously, there is nothing more amusing in the world than making your parents snap at ya. It's funny, they're so powerless to do anything they just end up shouting and making themselves feel strong.

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