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Comment Re:How dare they! (Score 5, Insightful) 166

The whole reason why Taxi regulation and limits were introduced in many cases is because there used to be large amount of bad actors before and regulation was demanded by the clients (Poland, and many EU countries), or there was _to many_ actors (eg. NY during Great Depression) which led to race to zero where noone was making money.
The pendulum swung to far, and Uber came to life to restore balance, but we (and goverment) needs to make sure that the pendulum doesn't swing to much into another direction and we don't get repeat of what we had before.

Comment It's a bit tricky (Score 2, Interesting) 82

It's a tricky situation. The problem with paid pirated sites is that some users (read: my father-in-law for example) assume that since they pay - it must be legit. So they pay ~3$ and get infinite number of movies streamed. Because they look legit, and accept payments people fall for it, and then they are often blackmailed to pay more with threat of litigation.
So yes. I think if something is illegal it should get payments blocked.

Comment Re:This is why France doesn't do startups (Score 1) 422

Except they don't. I know it's hard to imagine but you can make a beurocracy system so hostilke that there will be _no_ company willing to do business there.
I'm from Poland but I know the tech scene in Paris and france in general. And basically there's none. Additionally the tech workers in france get peanuts. They have wages lower then tech workers in Poland, while having 2x higher costs of living. The one recruiter from france that showed up in polish RoR forum got laughted at when he offered 3k Euro netto per month which is a decent pay in france, because in Warsaw you can earn more easilly now.
So basically by having to stong employee protection french are kicking themselves.

Comment Be machine translatable from english (Score 2) 626

I think that'd have to be one of the main characteristic. If you could provide a machine translation of english wikipedia into your new language that would preserve the meaning and at the same time would be easier to understand learn and pronounce then that'd be enough reason to learn it.

Comment Re:Is it better than Tom Clancy's Net Force? (Score 1) 145

I liked netforce series a lot. It was a cool idea of what-might-be and I really hope it materializes. The way I understood VR simulaitons is they were just UI, the semi-inteligent software was doing work. But instead of staring at a console as we do, he got to play interactive 'game'. Which is kinda cool when you think about it.
It was also much more realistic then many other few-years-int-feature cyber fiction. There was for example plot where one of hackers got to do amazing stuff because he still used keyboard. Which is nice metaphore to people still using assembly today to pull off amazing demos/wiruses/scripts impossible in high level languages.

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