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Comment Re:Waitasecondhere... (Score 4, Insightful) 403

Christ, you sounds like somebody who is butt hurt because they took a 3 week course for a technical certification and are insecure about how "expert" they are compared to people with actual education. Their description is accurate enough for marketing materials. By your own admission there is at least one green wavelength that blood cells absorb and at least one red one that they reflect. Therefore their information isn't incorrect and anyone with actual expertise in this area (like myself and others with this expertise have pointed out to you) can easily understand how they could make a sensor based on this phenomenon. It's not a new idea. These sensors have been around for decades and are used in hospitals routinely. It's basically a modified pulse oximeter, just since it uses only one wavelength instead of two it gets only the plethismograph information instead of the pleth AND oximetetry. Which is enough to determine a pulse rate.

Comment Re:Training... (Score 4, Informative) 84

As others have suggested this disrupts a part of Gram (+) cell wall synthesis which is difficult for bacteria to alter. Most antibiotics disrupt the protein constituents of the wall. Mutate one gene and the protein changes so it's relatively "easy" for bacteria to develop resistance. This new drug binds lipid constituents of the wall which are produced in a long synthesis pathway rather than a 1 to 1 gene to protein synthesis. Bacteria would need to mutate multiple genes coding multiple parts of the pathway simultaneously and in a complementary way to alter the structure of the target lipid without completely disrupting the pathway. So it's a much "harder" (meaning less likely to happen frequently) mutation to achieve.

Comment Re:State of openSuse? (Score 1) 51

You don't even need to do any of these. Just add the Nvidia repository to your system with Yast. It's already on the list of community repos. Automatically installs the latest driver no problem. Or use the 1-click button on the Nvidia driver page of the openSUSE wiki (which I'm pretty sure just does the exact same thing as the first option but even easier).

Comment Re:Summary of Linux on the desktop (Score 1) 503

Yeah, I definitely agree about the notification system. It's excellent for some kind of things and pretty crap for others, like Dropbox. Having a persistent on screen notification icon that dropbox is running, what it's sync/connection status is, plus being able to double click it to always open the dropbox folder is really useful. Gnome's implementation of systray icons doesn't handle things like Dropbox nearly so elegantly.

Comment Re:Summary of Linux on the desktop (Score 1) 503

I honestly don't get all the GNOME hate around here. Maybe I'm just late to the party and GNOME deserved all this hate a year or two ago. But I've been using OpenSuse 13.1 with GNOME since it was released on a laptop and a desktop and have found GNOME to be quite nice. I've avoided even trying it because of the almost universal panning that it gets online, but now that I've tried it I just don't get the hate. I understand that there's a certain percentage of Linux users who will curse any DE that tries to do anything differently than it was done in the "good old days" of Windows 95, but the hate for GNOME seems to exceed even what I'd expect from this persistent bias towards start menu + taskbar + individual text labeled application boxes.

Comment Re:Open Source! At least it isnt DRM laden like St (Score 4, Informative) 88

So steam has somewhere to put the games it downloads for you. This really isn't that complicated. Game producers determine the DRM. If the producer chooses none then Steam downloads the files to the steam directory and keeps them up to date for you if you log in and launches the game for you if you log in. OR you can move the files wherever you want and log in or not and the game works just fine. Don't let reality get in the way of your anti-DRM narrative though.

Comment Re:what i've always wondered, as a non-medical per (Score 5, Insightful) 1038

Exactly this. I'm only a second year med student and even I could tell you that trying to kill someone with the mixture of drugs in the summary would be a really ugly process. I'm pretty sure we can't use propofol for the same reason we can't use the pentobarbital mentioned in the summary, but honestly a regular dose of propofol to knock someone unconscious plus a pneumatic piston like we use to humanely kill food animals would be the obvious option. Sure it makes a bigger mess, but it's WAY more humane for the person being executed, the one who were trying to protect from unnecessary cruelty and suffering. Propofol plus guillotine works well too. As it turns out medical science knows a lot more about reliably making people unconscious with drugs than about reliably killing them with drugs. Given that, if the killing is to happen, it should be done with something we know works reliably and quickly.

Comment Re:Does anything differentiate this gen of tablets (Score 1) 244

Calling it Nexus doesn't make the hardware magically capable of new workloads. There is no way to guarantee that cutting edge software can run well on old hardware. You can either cut hardware loose when it can't keep up or you can artificially hold back everybody else by never building anything too powerful for your first generation device. This argument is a canard. Nobody who buys Nexus devices for their access to upgrades expects the hardware to magically keep pace with hardware released 3 or 4 years later.

Comment Re:Fat and Fit (Score 2) 446

Genetics isn't magic. It doesn't spontaneously conjure lipid molecules from nothing. Fat is made of matter. Matter that enters a person's body when they eat it. The fact is that every person on the planet is losing weight every time they breathe. Where do you think those carbon atoms in exhaled CO2 come from? All you have to do is eat less and do more and, with few exceptions for certain rare diseases, you will lose weight. No X-men style genes are magic story telling required.

Comment Re:No way (Score 1) 120

Don't hold your breath. He obviously could have just said that the screen eats enough power that you couldn't possibly cut total power consumption by half with just the CPU. But that doesn't make him sound as intelligent and mysterious as citing a mathematical argument for which he has no idea how it would actually work out without actual numbers and isn't really relevant in the first place.

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