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Comment Re:No CA is the New Black (Score 1) 109

How about don't use a CA at all? Self sign your certificates in your organization. Expect everyone you do business with to verify and install your certs rather than trusting Mozilla to trust a third party. Oh... and staff up your help desk to answer questions like, "I didn't need to do this with Amazon. Why are you guys so stupid?"

If browser vendors bothered implementing RFC 6698, we wouldn't need CAs.

Comment Re:It worked for Java (Score 1) 139

Running Java apps in a VM is safe right? Nothing bad can happen in a VM.

You forget that Java virtual machines originally gave full access to the system without prompting. Permission schemes were later implemented on top, but weren't introduced as a true scheme in the runtime itself, leading to continious methods of bypass as malicious individuals kept finding APIs that let them do things they shouldn't.

Comment Re:Finally! (Score 1) 221

Finally! This is the way Apple has done it forever and it is sooo much nicer from a user experience perspective.

From a user perspective, it's awful when you just want something that works and nobody can help you.

I still haven't figured out why Sierra users get "Authentication failed" when I see "opendirectoryd: ODNodeCreateWithNameAndOptions completed" in the logs and get errors like "opendirectoryd: ODNodeCustomCall failed with error 'Invalid credentials' (5000)" with no actual logging of the event happening on a fresh, new AD server (made just for testing this scenario). I even had Wireshark inspecting all the traffic from the Mac to try to determine what the issue is, no wrong DNS lookups, or connections to the wrong server etc.

>5 hour patch installs on a freshly Windows is *not* acceptable

Weird, updates are supposed to be automatically installed when installing Windows; which are significantly faster than doing it after Windows is installed.

Comment Re:Fuck them both (Score 1) 147

Wait so the new PS4 is not actually rendering at 4k, it's just interpolating/upscaling? *sigh*.

No, they've got some interesting features with their checkerboard system which allows console developers to upscale certain parts of a game while rendering into a native 4k screen buffer. However, for games that aren't modified/designed to do this, yes, you're going to see up-scaling.

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