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Comment Re:Great idea... (Score 1) 192

It was also just a bad game. If it wasn't for the brand, it would never have even taken off. I don't really recognize anything of Pokemon in this game.

They even try to make you into an irrelevant villain in this game, except instead of Team Rocket/Plasma/Magma etc. they're trying to make you a Team Valor/Mystic/Instinct grunt.

Comment Re:I wonder... (Score 1) 366

What if say, you could get an hourly rental car like a ZipCar to come pick you up? It hobbles along the road, and a low speed independently. You get in, drive where you need to go, get out, and it hobbles along until it finds another passenger or parking space. Would still be much cheaper than the average taxi service, and not require you to have to walk a vast distance to the nearest parking spot.

Comment Re:Is this different from the Hangouts app on Andr (Score 1) 75

What exactly is that?

Hangouts on air is when you can host a Google hangouts session between a few select people and essentially provide the general public the option to view the stream (but not join). It's popular with podcasts, game streamers having discussions etc.

It's a feature built into Google Hangouts, but isn't Google Hangouts as a whole.

Is there a separate Hangouts on Google+ than there is for one's normal Google account?

Sorta, I guess? You can access Hangouts separately on hangouts.google.com, which I don't believe requires a Google+ profile (I could be wrong).

Comment Re:Wanna know what killed G+ ? (Score 1) 75

And "Facebook does the same" is not an excuse. Google+ is a competitor to the already established Facebook, it has to offer something different, otherwise, people won't switch.

Google+ did offer something different (circles, clean UI stream etc). But the issue with social networks is to do with user usage to become a self perpetuating reason in it self. There are many people that despise Facebook, but use it regardless because everyone else is there, including people that prefer to use Google+ over it.

Comment Re:G+: The Social Network for Sociopaths (Score 1) 75

The last time I checked, they got rid of it by allowing a pseudonym but requiring that the person choose a public name that included their real name. So I could be "Jason Levine (Pseudonym)", "Jason (Pseudonym)", "Pseudonym (Jason Levine)", etc. Not really helpful if you didn't want your real name publicized.

You might want to check out the Wikipedia page on Nymwars, while there are other better sources available, the article is a good summary of events and what has occurred.

(Yes, I realize that there's something odd about me complaining about a real name policy when I use my real name on Slashdot. I signed up for this account years ago when I didn't care if my real name was out there. I don't want to sign up for a new account so this is one of the few accounts I use with my real name and I never directly reference my pseudonym account.)

There is nothing odd about that.

Comment Re:G+: The Social Network for Sociopaths (Score 1) 75

My major beef with the service was their real name requirement. Had they gotten rid of that (maybe require real names on the account but let people use "public names" that could be pseudonyms), then I know that I and a lot of other people would have used the service more.

They did get rid of that. Doesn't seem to have worked based off your comment.

Comment Re:Google is killing a lot of products (Score 1) 75

In either case, I found myself experiencing the same dilemma not long ago...I was trying to think on what I could set up for my parents for video conferencing for some of my relatives. I was leaning toward Google Hangouts because it's ad free, relatively clean and simple interface, plus most of them have GMail accounts already...what happened?

Sorry, I just don't understand how this affects them really.

Why would just the functionality that allows the general public to view the streams in real time matter to people who are just using it for simple video conferencing for relatives?

Comment Re: Is it Spoofable (Score 2) 45

I did. and so, yes, i guess outright dropping the packets isn't going to fly, but i still wonder if there is room to proxy it in some way, and make a single connection to the target count as multiple attempts...

From the paper:

Miners in DDoSCoin repeatedly create connections to a TLS victim server, and check for a response that satisfies a target difficulty decided by the network. If the response satisfies this condition, then parameters of the TLS hand-shake can be published by the miner to create a new valid block.

You have to somehow generate valid responses to create blocks in a short time span, which is currently not very feasable with current technology if you're bruteforcing it.

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