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Comment Next to outlaw... Potato Guns! (Score 1) 571

If you want to see more of the crude and actual childhood secrets that many of us did, you should see the Fark comments of the original post (yesterday):

There are lots of activities you can do with your teenage son, but helping him make bombs out of dry ice shouldn't be one of them. (omaha.com)

Comment Re:Not a single mention of MUDs??? (Score 1) 130

<quote><p>I really developed my interest in programming thanks to LPmud/MudOS programming. It was a great experience, with lots of feedback from other programmers and players.</p></quote>

I still have an old LPmud actually still running...

Realm of the Magi -- http://rotm.murpe.com _or_ telnet rotm.murpe.com 1501

Comment Re:RedHat Satellite Server (Score 1) 113

And if you are using CentOS or Fedora, I recommend looking at Spacewalk (an Open-Source version of RHEL's Satellite w/o the expensive license).

Spacewalk is an open source Linux and Solaris systems management solution. It allows you to:

        * Inventory your systems (hardware and software information)
        * Install and update software on your systems
        * Collect and distribute your custom software packages into manageable groups
        * Provision (Kickstart) your systems
        * Manage and deploy configuration files to your systems
        * Monitor your systems
        * Provision virtual guests
        * Start/stop/configure virtual guests

Wiki/Documentation -- https://fedorahosted.org/spacewalk/

Comment Give way to an open source solution... Untangle! (Score 0, Flamebait) 228

Untangle (www.untangle.com) -- Free Spam Blocker enables administrators to block spam at the gateway before it ever reaches the users.

* Leverage the best spam filtering techniques including Bayesian Filters, Razor, realtime block lists (RBLs), OCR for image spam and tarpitting

More Info: http://www.untangle.com/Spam-Blocker

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