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Comment Linux Mint (Score 1) 573

What about Linux Mint? It's Ubuntu-based so it has all the advantages of Ubuntu (many packages, many third-party repos, huge community) but it also focuses on an easy installation and ease of use. Plus the standard Gnome desktop should be more familiar for users coming from Windows than the Unity desktop of Ubuntu.

Submission + - Ask Slashdot: What Defines Good Developer Culture?

An anonymous reader writes: We are a team of 6 people developing applications for mobile devices (Android & iOS). In our company, which consists of many teams responsible for "classic" software development, business intelligence, virtualization, hardware, etc., we are kind of a small startup because we were the first to use agile methods like Scrum and we are open to new technologies and methods. Also our team is pretty young with me being the oldest with 30 years.

We would like to further raise productivity and motivation and thus are currently collecting points which make up a good developer/hacker culture and which may be improved in our team/company. This can be points that we can either improve ourselves or have to pass on to management.

I would like to know what in your opinion defines good, modern developer culture? What does developer culture consists of?

For example is it

- clearly defined career opportunities
- geeky office
- benefits like trips to extraordinary conferences like WWDC or Google I/O
- ...

Please let me know.

Comment A week of waiting? Seriously? (Score 1) 1004

In Germany we have to wait at least a year until a new (season of a) US TV show starts, if at all.
So don't whine when you just have to wait a week ;)

In case of the second season of Game of Thrones the situation has improved as it begins airing in two days on German Pay TV.
However I recall other shows where we really had two wait at least a year, like Breaking Bad for example.

Comment Re:Solution to this problem: Pirate party! (Score 1) 330

For what it's worth, the FDP (3rd/4th strongest political party) voted unanimously against the censorship law and has made digital freedom in general one of the major points of their campaign platform for the election this year.

Maybe, but the FDP wants to form a coalition solely with the CDU (Schaeuble, von der Leyen & Co). Tell me how that will work out?

Comment Solution to this problem: Pirate party! (Score 4, Informative) 330

TYPICAL GERMAN politics, come up with a screwy law, and make it even more screwy! So I guess what I can take from this is that child porn is ok to see at a university, but not a corporation or large ISP... Yeah that makes sense, really does...

I guess they introduced these exceptions because implementing the censorship infrastructure on the ISP side takes a great deal of time & money. Obviously only big ISPs can afford that ;)

The big parties of the German government once again proved that they're just doing what they want and not what the citizens want! That's why I'm going to vote for the Piratenpartei (Pirate party) on September 27.


Even More Restriction For German Internet 330

tikurion writes "It's only been a few weeks since the law dubbed Zugangserschwerungsgesetz (access impediment law) was passed in the German Parliament despite over 140,000 signatures of people opposed to it. The law will go into effect in mid-October 2009. Now Minister for Family Affairs Ursula von der Leyen implied in an interview that she is planning on extending the reach of the law, claiming '...or else the great Internet is in danger of turning into a lawless range of chaos, where you're allowed to bully, insult, and deceive limitlessly.' More on golem.de via Google translate (here is the German original)."

Submission + - Microsoft sends spam (wordpress.com)

0xEFBBBF writes: "I registered for the Windows 7 Beta and later RC. While doing so I double checked that I didn't subscribe to any newsletter. I always do that when creating a new account anywhere. Still I now occasionally receive a Windows 7 newsletter. Today Microsoft reminded me that the beta version is to be discontinued soon. Thanks, but I don't care!

At the bottom of the mail is a link to my newsletter subscriptions but I don't have any. I already replied to the first Microsoft spam kindly asking to be removed. No response, no action.

Am I the only one who's annoyed by that attitude of Microsoft? Has somebody been able to be unlisted? As far as I know this practices are even illegal in Germany regarding data and consumer protection acts!"

Comment Java Was:C++ (Score 1) 569

Being a Java enthusiast, I must reply to your arguments regarding Java:

1) The next major release of Java (Java 7) is going to be 100% open source. Even if Sun (or IBM for that matter) drops the language, which is very unlikely, Java is going to persist as it has a strong community.

2) It's true that the evolution of the Java language has been quite slow and conservative in the past. But I believe that the rise of new dynamic and hip languages with indeed cool features didn't pass Sun without notice. Java 7 is going to have closures, for example. If you want closures and other syntactic sugar right now, have a look at Groovy, which is a scripting language based on the JDK. You can even compile Groovy code to 100% pure Java classes!


Submission + - The T.S.O.L. Game / Experiment (tsolgame.org)

Sven Jacobs writes: "After watching a successful American TV show I was wondering if it's possible to keep a counter running by just utilizing the power of the Internet (users). So here's the deal: On tsolgame.org every 108 minutes a specific code (which I'm sure you know) has to be entered to reset the countdown and keep the T.S.O.L. (=Time Spent OnLine) game/experiment running. If the counter reaches zero, the game is over. It can be reset afterwards though, which is of course not as much fun as trying to keep it running ;)"

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