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Comment Re:Ceiling lights (Score 1) 205

Heh. They're using DC strip lights with an AC->DC power supply and possibly a bit of intelligence on top of the constant current switcher.

Thing is, if you're doing the converter at the room level, you're still using 110 mains, etc. This doesn't gain you anything. LiFi is intriguing (in that it took them this long to "get" there) but it's limited in what it can/can't do... It's a solution looking for problems to solve.

Comment Re:The wall will be built (Score 1) 832

People keep fallaciously saying this... If it makes you feel better, by all means keep repeating it to yourself. You don't

1) Understand HOW a President gets elected (Seriously- if you mention "popular vote" in this context, you DO NOT KNOW.)
2) Understand that it's not what YOU wish, but what a lot of other people think that you clearly know nothing about.

While I didn't agree with the man's take on things, I thought Romney was going to take it because of anti-Dem fervor back then. Clearly I was wrong. Pontificating like you have here, you're likely to be that too. Just don't act shocked, pissed, etc. when it doesn't work out that way. I won't agree with you then and I won't have any sympathy either.

Comment Re:Doesn't anybody have a sense of humor these day (Score 1) 118

Heh. You'd be surprised. While it doesn't directly do that, it DOES set that most of the rules for content are unconstitutional.

Courts have been slow to appreciate the expressive power of trademarks. Words, even a single word can be powerful. Mr. Simon Shiao
Tam named his band THE SLANTS to make a statement about racial and cultural issues in this country. With his band name, Mr. Tam conveys more about our
society than many volumes of undisputedly protected speech. Another rejected mark, STOP THE ISLAMISATION OF AMERICA, proclaims that Islamisation is undesirable and shouldbe stopped. Many of the marks rejected as disparaging convey hurtful speech that harms members of oft stigmatized communties. But
the First Amendment protects even hurtful speech.

The government cannot refuse to register disparaging marks because it disapproves of the expressive messages conveyed by the marks. It cannot refuse to register marks because it concludes that such marks will be disparaging to others. The government regulation at issue amounts to viewpoint discrimination, and
under the strict scrutiny review appropriate for government regulation of message or viewpoint, we conclude that the disparagement proscription of 2(a) is unconstitutional.

Because the government has offered no legitimate interests justifying 2(a), we conclude that it would also be unconstitutional under the intermediate scrutiny
traditionally applied to regulation of the commercial aspects of speech.

The reasoning is immediately applicable to the content rules.

Comment Not "DRM"... Here's some of the facts about this. (Score 1) 358

1) There is no provision in any of the light bulbs out there (regardless of make and protocol, this includes Cree, Phillips, Osram, Lifx, etc.) to update firmware. Old modes of operation are just that. A change in firmware would be required to fully lock out non-Hue bulbs as they conform to the ZigBee Light-Link application profile in full. A change to lock out all Light-Link bulbs except those "certified" by Phillips would require a firmware change on the bulbs themselves.

2) There are two application profiles that directly involve lighting provided by the ZigBee consortium. One is Home Automation, the other Light-Link.

3) Home Automation has security modes available but are typically not used, using the fallback security key because there was no automatic handling of security. Light-Link, on the other hand, has such simple authentication control so that you can screw in a new light bulb and expect the new IoT cluster to be "secure" (I consider this debatable, but that's not part of this discussion...)

4) Many of the ZigBee devices out there meet conformance, but they're HA profile only. Either because they're earlier on devices or because the vendor was being cheap. It costs additional money to implement a Light-Link device. Each SKU involved has their own private key, issued to the vendor from the ZigBee consortium. A LL key requires the following: Membership in the Consortium ($3500), conformance testing for the device (varies, usually something on the order of $5-10k), and a $1000 license fee paid to the consortium that is paid out before they hand you the magic token to have it "just simply work". With HA, you don't need anything other than knowing the ZCL protocols for HA profile and implementing them precisely.

5) Conformance to LL, requires that a controller and any repeaters support an HA device in failback mode and all end nodes must be able to work with a compliant HA controller node (gateway). Likely to have happened is that they took the HA fallback mode out of the gateway and it's corresponding controller or they block anything with a non-supported manufacturer ID. That'd be the only way they could "enforce" this under the facts that they're a ZigBee system. If they're blocking by manufacturer ID, I wish them the best of luck there- down that path is a path of pain. They *WILL* be broken upon the wheel there. If they've changed it so that only LL mode is supported, that has other, equally dire consequences.

6) In any event, you can use *any* ZigBee capable bulbs, GE, Osram, Phillips, Cree, etc. with a Wink bridge which is currently unlikely to change since it's not in GE's interests to play this game for what they're trying to do. Osram has some color and color temperature changing bulbs in their Lightify lineup. I'm suspecting GE's got similar plans. Moreover, if you have one of the IoT gateway devices similar to GE's that try to handle Z-Wave, ZigBee, and a few others, they'll drive the Hue and other bulbs correctly.

DRM? Hardly. Just an uppity vendor thinking they have a handle on things when they don't in the slightest. If you can't find any other color shifting bulbs, just buy the bulbs, their "gateway" is a middleman that's in the way if you've got anyone else's more capable gateway. You don't need their bullshit. You don't need most of the other player's rubbish. Just get an Wink (Maybe IRIS...I haven't evaluated their stuff...) gateway if you can't find or justify the expense of some of the others. The lights will just simply work and you can do more than just lights. You don't need/want the other vendor's supplied gateway which only does lighting control without adding nifty things like touch panel controls that make the lighting work mostly like the traditional way, with a bit more fine-grained control over it all.

Comment Re:Ibuprofen (Score 1) 212

Heh... Almost any NSAID is performance enhancing. I've never heard of dosing with Ibuprofen, but they use Phenylbutazone ("bute") all the time with horses so long as they're not in the ring and about a month BEFORE they hit a race or ring. Bute used to be available for human use- but it's really very nasty and was banned for all but ankylosing spondylitis when the other treatments won't do- because it's effective for it...just dangerous. Knowing that it's effective (as is Naproxen) for this sort of thing, I'm unsurprised. Naproxen's not made for equine use, but vets will prescribe it all the same for compounded and other use for things that won't respond to bute. Any of the NSAIDs will be "performance enhancing" for a racehorse because they'll suppress the lactic acid inflammation response in their muscles so they can run longer and harder.

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