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Comment I was very lucky (Score 4, Informative) 513

In December 2014 my wife was in her last weeks of life when I was informed I would be laid off in a few months. The company allowed me to spend the rest of my employment through February 2015 at home with her until her death on Christmas day 2014. I did not even have to report for work or do my job but got paid and kept our insurance.

I don't know what I would have done if I couldn't be with her to take care of her at the time. It was very depressing to lose my job, especially at that time. But I must say they went above and beyond for me and the CEO came to the funeral even though he did not ever meet or know her.

Fuck cancer (colon), she was 51, never drank, smoked, or did drugs and we were married for 20+ years. RIP My Love - I miss you

Comment Climate change (Score 0) 91

And you wonder why some of us are climate change sceptics.

It's shenanigans like this that make us wonder what we don't know (or hasn't been discovered/revealed yet, like the Clinton emails) is going on behind the scenes.

I still don't understand why I must PAY to have my recycling bin emptied when the city grants a nice monopoly and they can sell all that metal & glass at a tidy profit.

Comment Re:And yet... (Score 1) 500

Except Johnson is a complete idiot. He can't even name a major foreign leader and had no idea what/where Aleppo is.

How could you possibly elect someone so uninformed about geopolitics?

At least Trump has some sort of good relationships or reputation with a few world leaders and is read up about current events, plus he is a good negotiator and has a solid understanding of economics.

So much hate against a guy who simply has run a business like every other businessman in the world (relatively successfully too) and (claims) to want to change the system.

Comment Re:Don't buy the first batches... (Score 1) 196

I won't be buying any batches of iPhone 7's. Not without the headphone jack. If they remove this from all phones, I will look high and low for a phone that does!

The loss of control over our lives and devices is getting staggering.

Who (i.e. what customers) asked for this un-feature to be thrust upon us consumers? I haven't found anyone around me yet that likes this idea?

Comment My anecdotal evidence tells another story (Score 1) 176

I've been through an iPhone 3, 4S, and now a 5S (now several years old) and have not had a problem with any of them other than my dropping them causing display cracks. I try to keep my battery at near the (ideal) ~40% charge level never letting it get below 20% or charging above 80% and batt life is still near new levels.

I can count on one hand the number of crashes I experienced, however, I am apparently not the typical user as I don't install a zillion apps for everything (no facebook, bank, games or other crappy apps - the stock apps have been stable).

I chose the iPhone 5S because I like the chunkier, meatier form factor and the 6s seemed so thin I am afraid I'd break it in half if I sat on it in a back pocket. I believe the thinness of the 6 is what causes alot of trouble due to the entire frame flexing.

Comment Re:not what i expect (Score 1) 394

When I heard that the iPhone was "missing" the headphone jack, my first thought was "good call".

Here you have this insanely popular electronic device that people have with them at all times, and what's the number one complaint about it? No, no, /. friends, no, it's not planned obsolescence. It's "this thing dies if it so much as looks at water."

Well if you're going to try to take care of that problem one thing you might go for right away is getting rid of that crazy big hole in the top that by its very nature of design is all about exposed metal contacts.

I guess you could get all crazy in your head about DRM and shit but as someone else points out, at the end of the day however the sound is delivered it must end up being converted into a signal that can be used by standard speakers or headphones.

The only way around that is if Apple plans on making it so you have only two options: * play the sound directly through the iPhone's built-in speaker * send the sound via some Apple-proprietary encrypted cousin of bluetooth to one of Apple's own special speaker systems that if they get large enough to entertain a party probably cost many thousands of dollars

If that's the direction they're going to go I'd like to imagine it's going to be a complete failure because people don't have the money or wherewithal to spend on special speakers from Apple (the computer company, not the music company).

But then again you only have to know a handful of Apple users to understand that they would do exactly that, and would be glad to go broke doing it.

A waterproof receptacle IS possible to design, all this digital bullshit is unnecessary - it only has to work up to about 22KHz. Why add even more unnecessary digital circuitry to do what used to take all of one or two transistors to do? Every connection in the audio path introduces more noise.

Comment Re:I side with Microsoft (Score 1) 331

Emoji's are meant to be a quick and simple way to express what is going on in our lives. Guns are real part of our lives. They can be used for cruelty or entertainment. If we keep censoring every little thing because someone might be offended we'll devolve in and Orwellian society.

Guns are also used to sustain life (self defence, hunting - feed one self & family), sports (exercise and improve hand-eye coordination, and provide safe non-violent competition), and war (something that's been part of earth history since the beginning of time and not likely to ever go away (even animals fight over territory, food, and other resources - a form of war, some even have built in weapons such as bees, jellyfish, stingrays, etc.

The fact that some humans kill each other with them is secondary to firearms existence.

Comment Re:Of course it's not unstoppable (Score 1, Informative) 236

Sure, they use caller ID spoofing so that we, the recipients, can't block the number, but you know who knows exactly who the spammers are? The phone company, for two reasons: first, they're routing the calls from end to end, so they know the real source rather than the spoofed one. Second, and more importantly, they're billing them for the calls. They're not sending out bills for thousands of calls to the spoofed IDs, but the real ones. And while individually, those calls are cheap, the tens of thousands a day add up and the phone company makes a lot of money from the spammers, all while telling the FCC and consumers that their hands are tied.

Freeze their assets until they release the billing information to the state AGs. That'll untie their hands really quick.

No, not really. Many of these outfits are using VOIP telephony so it's much harder to track the origins of the calls if it's possible at all.

Comment Passphrases are the answer (Score 1) 211

Our systems are setup for passphrases. They are usually simple sentences easily remembered. It also helps to use passphrases with a token type system like kerberos (kinit) where you get access for a few hours only entering passphrase once since folks won't want to type a long passphrase for every system accessed.

Comment Re:Great timing...? (Score 1) 170

All Linux has a root account, are you referring to being able to log directly in as root?
Why is that necessary? I've just run "sudo su -" when I need root for decades. It gives me some peace-of-mind knowing not just anyone can log into my system as root.
Ever checked your /var/log/secure or auth.log files? It's amazing how many hits a system gets from various entities attempting to ssh as root to my systems (even with a firewall you can't keep them all from trying).

We are in agreement about MS though, I haven't used Windows in my home environment for 15+ years. Linux is more than capable of doing what needs to be done on a computer.

P.S. OK, I have ONE copy of Windows 7 that runs in a VirtualBox instance on demand - only because my iphone requires iTunes that only runs on Win or MAC, my only software that make windows necessary.

Comment Re:walmart pay is slow (Score 1) 118

Same thing with the chipped credit cards, they are so much slower than swiping. You must stick it into the reader and wait, and wait, and wait.

I don't see the "advantage" of the chipped cards at all. If someone steals it they just plug it in like I would and no-one will know it's not me unless they check ID (which almost nowhere does - I don't go back to places that don't check).

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