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Journal Journal: Global Warming pie chart

"Global Climate Change" in Google Scholar (, review the top results.

"Downscaling of global climate change estimates to regional scales: an application to Iberian rainfall in wintertime"
I read the abstract. The paper assumes climate change is occurring, but their proposed local model doesn't correlate with the general model very well at all.
MY VERDICT: EQUIVOCAL. Dissonance between global and local climate models does not support a global warming hypothesis (though it doesn't necessarily refute it)

"Global climate change and infectious diseases."
I read the abstract and first section. The article theorises about possible effects on diseases if global warming were to occur.
MY VERDICT: RED HERRING. Not an article on climate science

"Global climate change"
I read the abstract.
MY VERDICT: OPPOSES GW THESIS. "Currently, there is very limited evidence that man's activity has caused global warming. " in the abstract

"Lay perspectives on global climate change"
I read the abstract.
MY VERDICT: RED HERRING. It's an opinion poll

"Implications of Global Climate Change for Biogeographic Patterns in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem"
I read the abstract.
MY VERDICT: EQUIVOCAL. Assumes climate change and theorises about possible effects on biological diversity. Makes no mention of any observed changes to biodiversity due to climate change.

Suggests "directions for establishing long-term measurements for the early detection of responses to climate change", implying that global warming is not certain and the authors want more


"Inadvertent Weather Modification in Urban Areas: Lessons for Global Climate Change."
I read the abstract
MY VERDICT: SUPPORTS GW THESIS. The paper confirms local anthropomorphic climate change and extrapolates to global climate change. It says "A second lesson relates to the difficulty but

underscores the necessity of providing scientifically credible proof of change within the noise of natural climatic variability" which was prescient.

"Global climate change"
I read the abstract
MY VERDICT: SUPPORTS GW THESIS. States that environmental events have led to "a conviction" that anthropomorphic global climate is real.

"Global climate change and freshwater ecosystems.";jsessionid=E04068BC1178B3A9C40941AFEC8F2EC9?gitCommit=4.13.8-6-g6e31ff9
I read the abstract
MY VERDICT: SUPPORTS GW THESIS. A bit hard to tell, but it seems that the paper measures effect of current global warming on biological systems.

"Global climate change"

I read the first three pages.
MY VERDICT: EQUIVOCAL. Basically says that we can't tell. "Yet we can't easily or precisely determine how the complex climatic system will react to anthropogenic pollutants".



Journal Journal: C:\Windows directory

My C:\Windows directory (I'm running Vista Business) has 86,874 files in 15,214 folders.

I'm not sure this is a good thing.

Even if someone from Microsoft took one minute for each file to explain its function, it would take sixty days without sleep to hear it all.

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Journal Journal: Setting the VS.NET DEBUG conditional compilation constant

To change the DEBUG constant (for #IF DEBUG THEN" conditional compilation statements):

First, set the DEBUG constant value for the configuration you want to use
  1. Project> projectname Properties
  2. Compile tab
  3. At the top, there is a "Configuration" combobox, select the configuration you wish to edit (e.g. Debug or Release)
  4. Click the "Advanced Compile Options..." button
  5. check or uncheck the "Define DEBUG constant" checkbox and then click OK
Now activate the configuration
  6. Build>Configuration Manager
  7. Change the "Active solution configuration" to the configuration you edited

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Journal Journal: CheckedListBox that only allows one check at a time

        Private mblnUpdating As Boolean
        Private Sub CheckedListBox1_ItemCheck(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.Windows.Forms.ItemCheckEventArgs) Handles CheckedListBox1.ItemCheck
                Dim clb As CheckedListBox = CType(sender, CheckedListBox)
                If e.CurrentValue = CheckState.Unchecked Then
                        If Not mblnUpdating Then
                                mblnUpdating = True
                                For i As Integer = 0 To clb.Items.Count - 1
                                        If i <> e.Index Then
                                                clb.SetItemCheckState(i, CheckState.Unchecked)
                                        End If
                                Next i
                                mblnUpdating = False
                        End If
                End If
        End Sub

Thanks to

User Journal

Journal Journal: Transparent controls in VB.NET

Translated from

Create a new subclass of Panel which supports transparency:

Public Class PanelTransparent
        Inherits Panel

        Protected Overrides ReadOnly Property CreateParams() As System.Windows.Forms.CreateParams
                        Dim cp As CreateParams = MyBase.CreateParams
                        cp.ExStyle = &H20 'WS_EX_TRANSPARENT
                        Return cp
                End Get
        End Property

        Protected Sub InvalidateEx()
                If Parent Is Nothing Then Exit Sub
                Dim rc As New Rectangle(Me.Location, Me.Size)
                Parent.Invalidate(rc, True)
        End Sub

        Protected Overrides Sub OnPaintBackground(ByVal e As System.Windows.Forms.PaintEventArgs)
                'do not allow the background to be painted
        End Sub

        Private mimg As Image
        Protected Overrides Sub OnPaint(ByVal e As System.Windows.Forms.PaintEventArgs)
                e.Graphics.DrawImage(mimg, 0, 0)
        End Sub
        Public Sub New(ByVal img As Image)
                mimg = img
        End Sub
End Class

And in the form...

Private Sub Form1_Load(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles MyBase.Load
        Dim img As Image = Bitmap.FromFile(My.Computer.FileSystem.SpecialDirectories.Desktop & "\pitransgif.gif")
        Dim pnlTransparent As New PanelTransparent(img)
End Sub

User Journal

Journal Journal: Hamurabi.vb

Module Module1
    Private mintPopulation As Integer 'a1
    Private mintArrived As Integer 'a2
    Private mintStarved As Integer 'a3
    Private mintBushelsStored As Integer 'b1
    Private mintRats As Integer 'b2
    Private mintBushelsPerAcre As Integer 'b3
    Private mintHarvest As Integer 'b4
    Private mintAcres As Integer 'c1
    Private mintLandPrice As Integer 'c2
    Private j As Integer
    Sub Main()
        Console.WriteLine("Hamurabi: Game of Hamurabi - Version 2.00")
        Console.WriteLine("Original Hamurabi in IMSAI 4K BASIC")
        Console.WriteLine("v1.01 by Corona Data Systems, Inc. 11/12/1977")
        Console.WriteLine("This version 2.00 by David Streeter 19/09/2007")
        Console.WriteLine("Hamurabi - ")
        Console.WriteLine("Where you govern the ancient kingdom of Sumeria.")
        Console.WriteLine("The object is to figure out how the game works!!")
        Console.WriteLine("(If you want to quit, sell all your land)")
        mintPopulation = 100
        mintArrived = 5
        mintStarved = 0
        mintBushelsStored = 2800
        mintRats = 200
        mintBushelsPerAcre = 3
        mintHarvest = 3000
        mintAcres = 1000
        j = 1
            Console.WriteLine("Hamurabi, I beg to report that last year")
            Console.Write(mintStarved.ToString & " people starved and ")
            If mintArrived >= 0 Then
                Console.WriteLine(mintArrived.ToString & " people came to the city")
                Console.WriteLine((-mintArrived).ToString & " people left the city")
            End If
            If j <= 0 Then
                mintPopulation = mintPopulation - CInt(mintPopulation / 2)
                Console.WriteLine("The plague killed half the people.")
            End If
            Console.WriteLine("The population is now " & mintPopulation.ToString)
            Console.WriteLine("We harvested " & mintHarvest.ToString & " bushels at " & mintBushelsPerAcre.ToString & " bushels per acre")
            Console.WriteLine("Rats destroyed " & mintRats.ToString & " bushels leaving " & mintBushelsStored.ToString & " bushels in the storehouses")
            Console.WriteLine("The city owns " & mintAcres.ToString & " acres of land.")
            mintLandPrice = 17 + CInt(6 * Rnd())
            Console.WriteLine("Land is worth " & mintLandPrice.ToString & " bushels per acre.")
            Console.WriteLine("Hamurabi . . .")
1310: Console.WriteLine()
            Console.WriteLine("Buy how many acres?")
            Dim strBuy As String = Console.ReadLine()
            Dim intBuy As Integer = CInt(Math.Abs(Val(strBuy)))
            If intBuy <> 0 Then
                j = intBuy * mintLandPrice
                If j > mintBushelsStored Then
                    Call ErrorMessage()
                    GoTo 1310 'love the GOTO
                End If
                mintBushelsStored -= j
                mintAcres += intBuy
            End If
1510: Console.WriteLine("Sell how many acres?")
            Dim strSell As String = Console.ReadLine()
            Dim intSell As Integer = CInt(Math.Abs(Val(strSell)))
            Select Case intSell
                Case 0
                Case Is < mintAcres
                    mintAcres = mintAcres - intSell
                    mintBushelsStored += mintLandPrice * intSell
                Case mintAcres
                    Console.WriteLine("Game over. Press any key")
                Case Else
                    Call ErrorMessage()
                    GoTo 1510
            End Select
1710: Console.WriteLine("How many bushels shall we distribute as food?")
            Dim strFeed As String = Console.ReadLine
            Dim intFeed As Integer = CInt(Math.Abs(Val(strFeed)))
            If intFeed > mintBushelsStored Then
                Call ErrorMessage()
                GoTo 1710
            End If
            mintBushelsStored -= intFeed
            mintStarved = mintPopulation - CInt(intFeed / 20)
            mintArrived = 0
            If mintStarved < 0 Then
                mintArrived = CInt(-mintStarved / 2)
                mintStarved = 0
            End If
1910: Console.WriteLine("How many acres shall we plant?")
            Dim strPlant As String = Console.ReadLine
            Dim intPlant As Integer = CInt(Math.Abs(Val(strPlant)))
            If intPlant > mintAcres Then
                Call ErrorMessage()
                GoTo 1910
            End If
            j = CInt(intPlant / 2)
            If j > mintBushelsStored Then
                Call ErrorMessage()
                GoTo 1910
            End If
            If intPlant > 10 * mintPopulation Then
                Call ErrorMessage()
                GoTo 1910
            End If
            mintBushelsStored -= j
            mintBushelsPerAcre = CInt(5 * Rnd()) + 1
            mintHarvest = mintBushelsPerAcre * intPlant
            mintRats = CInt((mintBushelsStored + mintHarvest) * 0.07 * Rnd())
            mintBushelsStored = mintBushelsStored - mintRats + mintHarvest
            j = CInt(10 * Rnd()) '10% chance of plague
            mintArrived = CInt(mintArrived + (5 - mintBushelsPerAcre) * mintBushelsStored / 600 + 1)
            If mintArrived > 50 Then mintArrived = 50
            mintPopulation = mintPopulation + mintArrived - mintStarved
            If mintPopulation < 0 Then mintPopulation = 0
    End Sub
    Private Sub ErrorMessage()
        Console.WriteLine("Hamurabi, think again - ")
        Console.WriteLine("You only have " & mintPopulation & " people, " & mintAcres.ToString & " acres, and " & mintBushelsStored.ToString & " bushels in storehouses")
    End Sub
End Module

User Journal

Journal Journal: Blade Runner remake 1

Apparently they're releasing yet another cut of Blade Runner.

Here's my preferred cast if they ever decide to do a remake:
Keanu Reeves ... Rick Deckard
John Malkovich ... Roy Batty
Natalie Portman ... Rachael
Gary Oldman ... Gaff
Alicia Silverstone ... Pris
Steve Buscemi ... J.F. Sebastian
Ewan McGregor ... Leon Kowalski
Christopher Walken ... Eldon Tyrell
Angelina Jolie ... Zhora

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