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Comment Re:Segregated pools... (Score 1) 307

No, sorry. I am however quite certain that it is *much smaller* relative to the population (It's difficult to be homeless if you don't fit into one of the categories above), but saying that it is *nonexistent* would be an outright lie. Remember, Sweden has a large "problem" with our illegal immigrants, in that we deport women and children back to warzones, so they're forced to go underground and cut all ties with society, living on the mercy of underground humanitarian networks. Our immigration policy is a disaster that US leftists tend to be ignorant of.

Comment Re:Segregated pools... (Score 2, Informative) 307

I live in Sweden, and we have a non-insignificant population of homeless people in the major cities, mainly consisting of uneducated immigrants, druggies and runaway kids. A few "normal" citizens down on their luck too. You get an apartment from the social services if you are drug-free, but some people just can't quit, and i guess some people are too sane to be in an asylum but too insane to live on their own. Remember, illegal immigrants don't get those benefits, if they don't manage to find hostpital staff willing to look the other way.

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