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Comment Re:Well if its anything like the US... (Score 1) 220


That made no sense, Eunuchswear.

Jane said: "Not wanting X in no way implies a fear of X" (where X is "strangers or foreigners" for xenophobia)

You said: "Xenophobia -- fear or hatred of strangers or foreigners, first known use 1903."

How does your definition of xenophobia refute what Jane said? Don't answer... it doesn't. Jane wrote that "fear" does not equal "not wanting" and what you wrote doesn't contradict that. If I don't feel like having cheese on my sandwich today, does that make me cheesephobic? According to you, it does.

I think you're too busy rabidly frothing at the mouth at perceived slights against your political ideology to meaningfully communicate. Relax and get some sleep. Jane makes a valid point that misusing "phobia" words is a technique used by some people to shame and silence other people with whom they disagree. It happens all the time in the media, and it's disheartening to see how often it works.

P.S. It would be great if you didn't claim to speak for all liberals in your future nonsensical "rebuttals", because it's embarrassing for the rest of us.

Comment Eric Spiegel is an idiot (Score 1) 524

Not trying to be an ass here, but Eric Spiegel's self-agrandizing "columns" have been discussed on Slashdot before. Based on his past writings, he seems to think it's ok to treat people like cattle. (Give the cows a salt lick, they'll feel better. Give the developers their carbonated sugar water, they'll feel better.) He also doesn't miss an opportunity to point out how smart he thinks his decisions are, and his writings have an "I told you so" undertone. I can't help but get the feeling that he writes to help convince himself that he was right, if not others. If he were my boss, I'd transfer or quit, and if I couldn't transfer or quit, I'd lie down on his desk and slit my wrists.

Comment Re:Let us watch Africa and former soviet republics (Score 1) 521

Nope. Nothing will change as a result of these poor quality, single shot, plastic 3D printed guns. Not in Africa, not nowhere.

Before piling onto the 3D printed gun hype bandwagon, think about the practical aspects of deplying these toy guns for any purpose, besides messing around in your basement with your 3D printer and CAD software.

Comment It's not a gun (Score 5, Informative) 521

It may be a fun proof of concept, but about the only things it is good for are generating political hype and drawing attention to the inventors.

People fail to realize that it's much easier and cheaper to make a home made gun using existing tools and materials. Just because someone now made a [not very good] one using a 3D printer, everybody seems to be freaking out.

Further well-grounded and thoughtful discussion on the matter can be found here:

Comment Re:Nice try.... (Score 3, Informative) 207

You might think that comment was "skeptical" or that it demonstrates your "critical thinking" but really, it was just plain ignorant. Based on this comment, one might reasonably assume you fall in with the kind of douchetards that yell out "42! Haha!" every time a mathematical discussion takes place.

To answer your question, you might start by reading the article. It talks about isotopes and geochemistry.

Then you could do some reading at the library to find out more about isotopes and geochemistry, and why these things are interesting and important. If you want to go further, you could take an undergraduate degree in geology, where you will learn all kinds of strange and wonderful things about the Earth, and how we can know about things that occurred billions of years ago.

Comment Re:that's how a 15 years old teenager (Score -1, Offtopic) 342

Your genderless, generic 15-year-old piece of human offspring?

Seriously, what the fuck is it with people who refer to their kids as "my 15-year-old" or "my 2-year-old", etc.? In my mind, that reduces a person to nothing more than their age, as if that were the only important characteristic. Why can't people say, "my 15-year-old daughter" or "my 2-year-old son" instead?

Everytime someone says in conversation, "Oh hahahaha you wouldn't BELIEVE what our 2-year-old did the other day!" I cringe a thousand times on the inside. Maybe it's just me.

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