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Comment Does encryption render this meaningless (Score 1) 104

I know a guy who knows a guy who does the following to help protect his torrenting actions... 1) he uses a blocklist of the known IPs of the MPAA, RIAA, their attorneys, and media content owners (ie: NBC)... 2) has his torrent client configured to be encrypted and only connect to encrypted peers... 3) uses a free VPN service and routes all traffic through the VPN in a foreign country while torrenting. So I'm curious... does the above detection in the patent still have bearing with what is essentially double-encrypted? Is my friend's friend flirting with danger but doens't realize it? And if encryption is the answer... at what point do we start telling all torrent client dev's to default to only talking to encrypted peers?

Comment Or when the manager... (Score 1) 407

says Farah. "It is not hard to imagine a supervisor telling employees that this is the standard they should aspire to in their work, however they manage to do it (hint, hint)..." How 'bout what happens when its the supervisor using the enhancing drugs and decides that everyone else needs to be just as productive as he/she is? So the underlings have to use more of the enhancements to be productive enough to get noticed and promoted while those who choose not to tweak their brain chemistry will never be able to compete and will be seen as failures or inefficient managers of their time.

Comment Its all about the timing... (Score 1, Interesting) 360

The irony here is the timing. As poor taste as the comment was if you fast forward a year and let a comedian say the same thing or let Eminem rap about it and it'll be just fine. I guess I'm glad freedom of speech is still protected here in the States... unless you want to assault someone while also making rude comments in which case then its called a hate crime.

Comment I'm not the only one that heard the bathroom... (Score 4, Funny) 244

OM f'ing G... I remember being like 8 years old driving from LA to Victorville and hearing that song and asking my mom why they'd sing about a "bathroom on the right". She just laughed and told me it was "bad moon on the rise" and kept laughing and laughing and laughin. All these years I thought I was the only one. Thank god for this article. Now I know I'm not alone or weird. I don't have to kill myself now as all my reasons for being depressed stemmed from this one incident and now that I know others heard it too I feel so much better. Guess I can take the suicide hotline off my favorites list now...

Comment My daddy taught me what not to do... (Score 1) 481

Granted I'm in the backasswards, hick part of the country, not NYC, but I was taught the appropriate response to the "this is how we're gonna do it, boy" scenario thanks to my father driving home drunk from the bars all the time. Thankfully I was smarter than him (or at least smart enough) to realize that this was a lesson best learned by watching how he responded and then doing the opposite. To this day I've never had an issue... I just willingly accept that as long as the popo are present I have no rights or any expectations of civil liberties. Once gone, I re-evaluate things and determine if its worth my time to complain to someone

Comment Can we send Justin Beiber as his ambassador? (Score 5, Funny) 304

If we send the Beeb's in Zuck's place I think we could make everyone happy. Iran gets a white boy they can prosecute or just hold without cause for a really long time and the US no longer has to put up with his illegal actions or that noise he purports to call music. Considering there's a petition before the White House to have him deported back to the Canada anyway, I vote we offer this as an alternative.

Comment Re:Is this really worth worrying about? (Score 1) 747

Interesting you say that... because for various medical reasons many parents don't want they're kids to have particular vaccines. Funny how we want to tar and feather them for refusing a vaccine over fears of a complication down the road that may or may not have evidence to back it up... yet its okay for them to skip the vaccines for other reasons.

Comment Is this really worth worrying about? (Score 1) 747

So... the "anti-vax'ers" the article mentions... they're only a small subset of the population, right? Last I checked, according to the CDC they only account for less than .2 percent of the population. I understand the numbers are growing, but they're still a small subset. So if the other 99.8% of people are getting their vaccinations then this really only affects the non-vax'ers, right? In other words, they're getting exactly what they understand they'll get by not being vaccinated. So how is this a huge problem again? I'm confused. Granted, no one wants to see anyone, especially children, die unnecessarily when a vaccination could have kept them alive. But those who reject the vax's over fears of autism, etc understand that if they do get it, they're facing a different risk and they're basically playing the odds. In most cases, whether its measles or chicken pox, they get it, they get over it, and they'll never get it again and their immune systems are the better for it. In rare cases, they or their children will die. But they believe the odds of them dying from measles or pox is less than the odds of having a bad outcome from the vax and getting something like autism. Its all about risks the anti vax'ers are willing to take (and to take for their children). But being such a small subset of the population.. I'm not sure how this is a problem for the rest of us that are already vaccinated and can't get it anyway...

Comment Re:Rsync and Bluray and maybe dedup (Score 1) 983

I've never had this problem. And since data is data is bits is bits... if this was an issue, you would think BR movies would have the same issue? I've been backing up to BR for about 3 years now and have had to go back to older media for restores and never had an issue. Like all media, your environment can affect them. I wouldn't let them get too hot or too cold, no direct sunlight, etc...

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