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Submission + - Harvard Professor Creates Paper Accelerometer (ieee.org)

SuperSlacker64 writes: In an age where just about everything starts going digital, its refreshing to see someone going back to our roots: paper. Well, sort of. Researchers at Harvard have created a cheap, dime sized, paper based accelerometer that they believe could be used in various applications, specifically cheap medical testing. The device works because a carbon bridge stretches and changes resistivity as the device is accelerated.

Submission + - Google learns to drive (nytimes.com)

SuperSlacker64 writes: Guess who's the newest driver on the road? No, its not your 16 year old neighbor, but rather Google. The New York Times has a story about Google's once secret, but now public, project to build cars that drive themselves. These cars, always with a human to take control if something should happen, read traffic conditions with an array of video cameras, radar sensors and a laser range finder mounted on the roof. Then, using this data combined with the maps, speed limits, and previous manual runs on the streets Google has collected for years, the car is able to drive itself safely to its destination, and even warn the driver when passing crosswalks and other areas. Says the article, that "seven test cars have driven 1,000 miles without human intervention and more than 140,000 miles with only occasional human control."

It looks like maybe CADDIE will be getting her license soon, and get to keep updating street view around the world!

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