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Comment drives for technology (Score 1) 1

I feel very strongly that technology has helped us as humans create the world we live in today. Every tool that we use is technology or made from technology. Many diseases have been cured and maybe even eradicated because of technology. My definition of technology would be something that advances human life. Take for example humans; we started off as cavemen in tribes with huts and caves, now we live in enormous cities with soaring skyscrapers. This shows that technology is something that starts as one thing and continues to grow. I also like to think of technology as something that improves human life or makes life easier. Medicine from technological advances through time has helped people live longer and cars make it easier for people to travel long distances. Technology can be anything used to solve a problem. Progress is what drives technology. If people did not look for options to fulfill their needs or requirements we would not be in the technological world we are in today.

Comment Why Can't Video Games be Art? (Score 1) 733

The point of playing a video game is to finish it (win) or finish creating it so others can experience it. Just like the point of reading a book is to finish reading it or writing a book is to finish writing it so other people can experience it. Just like the point of painting or drawing is to finish so others can experience it. I figure video games are just as much art as these other examples but more in depth, a combination of multiple kinds of art. Video games could be a story, graphics, video, and experience all in one.

Submission + - What drives development of new technologies ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: The author in the article believes that technology is developed based on requirements not being met within the industry. The examples used are dedup and fibre channel. The author believe that the development of dedup was based on the lack of performance of the network needed for backup. This is an interesting analysis of technology development and shows that development new technologies is based on old technologies not meeting current requirements.

Comment Hungry (Score 1) 122

I think if I had fast food logos flashed in front of me I would be hungry or more likely to buy fast food. I don't think it would have any influence on any other type of product I would buy. Could it be that the test subjects were more likely to buy the 3-in-1 skin treatment because that image was flashed in front of them or maybe because it was a more convenient purchase. Maybe it was the skin treatment they already bought.

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