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Submission + - Russian rocket hits Wyoming

Harmonious Botch writes: A spent Russian booster rocket re-entered the atmosphere Thursday over Colorado and Wyoming, the North American Aerospace Defense Command said. NORAD spokesman Sean Kelly said the agency was trying to confirm a report that a piece of the rocket may have hit the ground near Riverton, Wyoming, at about 6 a.m. Kelly said military personnel had not yet reached the scene. No damage was reported and the debris was not believed to be hazardous, NORAD said. Eyewitnesses reported seeing flaming objects in the sky at the time the rocket was re-entering...

more at cket.ap/index.html

Submission + - Streambox

AN Then writes: "Here is a hacked up Streaming Media box that actually cost less than the actual hardware from the manufacturer (presumably because of the the service fees, but I haven't paid any yet). I mean it's not an Xbox but it offers a more comprehensive package than the Squeezebox at less than half price. Cheaper than I paid for my Razr used, it's pretty much a steal for what you get.

I don't know what USB drivers are supported, but you can probably run Puppy and Embedded Windows on it if you don't end up using the service. Supposively there is a way to hack the 5V it into a 9V Portable DVD Player (let me know), but I haven't seen it yet. Only 128MB of RAM suxz though.

Fun cheap toy if you don't want to listen to your Instant Rails server fan running all the time when you want stream media."

Submission + - Movie Studios OK Download-to-Burn DVDs

fistfullast33l writes: "The Associated Press is reporting that today movie studios have approved Sonic Solutions's technology Qflix, which allows people to download movies and burn them to DVDs that include CSS, the method of encryption that protects all pre-recorded DVDs sold today. According to a press release issued by Sonic Solutions, they will be demoing the technology by appointment at the Consumer Electronics Show on January 8th. Apparently the DVDs will also be subject to DRM restrictions placed by download services such as limiting the times a movie can be played back and how many times the movie can be burned. Is this the death of NetFlix as we know it? Interestingly enough, the AP article mentions burning kiosks in the future and the Sonic release mentions Walgreen's as a partner, so maybe DVD burning is coming to a drug store near you. Sonic Solutions is the owner of Roxio, which produces a well-known CD and DVD burning software suite."

North Korea's Secret Biochemical Arsenal 321

mattnyc99 writes "Popular Mechanics has an in-depth report on North Korea's biological and chemical weapons stock, which has been developed in secret and has gone largely unnoticed amidst the country's nuke threat. From the article: 'North Korea's Chemical and Bioweapons (CBW) program appears to be modeled on that of the former Soviet Union, which covertly constructed a massive biological weapons infrastructure within the shell of a civilian research organization called Biopreparat. Inside Biopreparat, the Soviets developed deadly agents that included weaponized forms of anthrax and pneumonic plague. Intelligence reports from the United States and South Korea list anthrax, smallpox, pneumonic plague, cholera and botulism toxins as leading components of North Korea's bioweapons projects.' "

Journal Journal: How not to answer the phone... 5

"Damnit, I just swallowed my gum!" probably doesn't convey the image of Upwardly Mobile Go-Getter I'm trying to send out...

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