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Comment Re:DES (Score 1) 257

ATM running Windows XP doesn't mean its less secure

Than e.g. OpenBSD? It sure does.

I think, as has previously been said, the difficulty in getting physical access to the business end of the hardware is infinitely harder than actually exploiting the equipment. The operating system is the least of your worries when you are trying to work out how to get to the machine itself, thus rendering the choice of operating system pretty much pointless, when you have things to worry about such as availability of software, cost based on insurance against this sort of thing, etc etc


Submission + - Tesla Recalls 345 Electric Roadsters ( 1

viyh writes: "Tesla Motors has recalled the $109,000 version of its electric Roadster because of bolts improperly installed by contract manufacturer Lotus.

The recall covers all 345 of the luxury automobile built before April 22, the Silicon Valley company said. No accidents have been reported as a result of the flaw.

The problem came to light after a Roadster owner complained of "uncharacteristic handling," Tesla said. An investigation found that the rear inner hub flange bolts on a small percentage of the vehicles were improperly torqued during assembly. A similar problem is behind Lotus' current recall of its Elise and Exige vehicles.

Tesla said it would send technicians to car owners' homes or offices to inspect their vehicles and take them to a repair facility, if needed. Customers will not be charged for the repair.

The Sport sells for a staring price of $128,000.

In March, Tesla unveiled a prototype of its "mainstream" $57,400 electric sedan called the Model S. Tesla expects to start production of the vehicle in late 2011."


Submission + - How Common is Scientific Misconduct?

Hugh Pickens writes: "The image of scientists as objective seekers of truth is periodically jeopardized by the discovery of a major scientific fraud. Recent scandals like Hwang Woo-Suk's fake stem-cell lines or Jan Hendrik Schön's duplicated graphs showed how easy it can be for a scientist to publish fabricated data in the most prestigious journals. Daniele Fanelli has an interesting paper on PLOS One where she performs a meta-analysis synthesizing previous surveys to determine the frequency with which scientists fabricate and falsify data, or commit other forms of scientific misconduct. A pooled weighted average of 1.97% of scientists admitted to have fabricated, falsified or modified data or results at least once -a serious form of misconduct by any standard- and up to 33.7% admitted other questionable research practices. In surveys asking about the behavior of colleagues, admission rates were 14.12% for falsification, and up to 72% for other questionable research practices. Misconduct was reported more frequently by medical/pharmacological researchers than others. "Considering that these surveys ask sensitive questions and have other limitations, it appears likely that this is a conservative estimate of the true prevalence of scientific misconduct," writes Fanelli. "It is likely that, if on average 2% of scientists admit to have falsified research at least once and up to 34% admit other questionable research practices, the actual frequencies of misconduct could be higher than this.""

Comment Lithim Is A Manic-Depressive Drug (Score 1) 458

Lithium is a very old drug used for Manic Depression. What it actually does is takes the top and bottom off your moods. So someone with manic depression (which is actually characterised by extremes of mood, not just 'really depressed') will attempt to take those extremes out, hopefully rendering them 'normal'. It is, however, extreme, and most people who take it aren't happy with it, because they don't feel themselves.

I would imagine, if you had a constant stream of Lithium administered to you throughout your life, you wouldn't know what your were like without it. I wonder if these people are generally less 'extreme' than the majority of people. I am no psychologist/psychiatrist (IANAP if there is such a phrase), but I wonder if you could experimentally determine this, shown in more ways than just a lack of suicide.

Comment Re:Macin and windozin... (Score 1) 519

H have an MX Revolution, which is obviously bigger, but I love it. I have never had a problem with the Logitech software in either Windows or OS X, even in the Windows 7 beta or RC. It's not too bad with linux either. But I have it set up so when I scroll the mouse wheel at a sufficient speed it just goes to the freewheel mode, leaving the wheel click action for the standard middle click.

Really is a fantastic mouse.

The Internet

Ad Block Plus Filter Maintainer "rick752" Dies At 56 385

A user on Reddit pointed out that Richard "rick752" Petnel, maintainer of one of the most popular filter lists for Ad Block Plus, has passed away at age 56. In an article last year Petnel described a bit of what he was up against in the ad world. "'I'm playing against some pretty big players,' he said, explaining his reluctance to step forward. 'I don't want to be harassed. . . . I don't want to be bribed. I started it because I was frustrated with getting my computer infected from ads -- malware and spyware and all that stuff,' he said. 'I kind of went overboard with it. But you have to admit, it's pretty amazing, right?'" Update 15:05 GMT by SM: updated to reflect Rick's status as maintainer of the most popular Ad Block Plus filter as opposed to Ad Block Plus itself.

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