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Comment Not trolls but still not right (Score 2) 161

The CSIRO did indeed invent the wireless technology which we all use in wireless LANs today. However, they're a government-funded agency, they should be creating technology for the good of all citizens of the world and making that technology available for free.

As far as I'm concerned, my Australian Tax dollars have already paid the CSIRO for this work. They're not patent trolls but I disagree with their actions to assert royalty payments over this patent.

Comment Re:This is a first (Score 1) 460

Either you misunderstand the question, or the OP misunderstands the capabilities of the X root window and display limitations.

Anyway, I ran like this for a long time, first with two monitors then with three. I tried several solutions and ended up writing an ugly hack for some X library which allowed me to specify viewports in a config file. Eventually that broke due to changes to multiple monitor code further upstream, so I ditched my two 17" screens and got a better videocard and a massive 24" LCD - problem solved.

I haven't experienced multiple monitors on ATI under Linux, but at least with nVidia's pathetic dedication to the platform (and insultingly stubborn tech support) it was a painful experience and I wouldn't recommend trying.

Comment Re:Cursive is important for two important reasons (Score 2, Interesting) 857

What rubbish.

Handwriting science is about pressures applied through the stroke of the letter and the directions those strokes come from as a person moves their hand and holds a writing implement a certain way. The shape of a signature is easily copied and has been used by school children to forge absent notes from their parents since forever, how the signature is written is something largely unique to the individual's hand.

If one wishes a "cursive-style" signature there is no formal education required to form a few letters without lifting your pen. For your purposes of producing a unique mark, it's arguably better for a person to do this with no prior training, as they will not conform to the same guidelines as everyone else does. What seems like a natural joining stroke to you may be odd to me and vice versa.

Speed of cursive vs printing is arguable, and handwriting (mine anyway) is always more legible afterwards if I print. Taking notes down fast is useless if you can't read them afterwards.

Comment Legal mumbo jumbo (Score 1) 480

Have your lawyer write up a legal letter which says that for any confidentiality-bound practice like lawyers or doctors, you recommend they do not use Google Apps as they are likely in breach of their own privacy-related responsibilities. Have the end user sign the document before you will do business with them. If they won't, then walk.

That way, when they get busted to the tune of millions of dollars for the sake of a couple of hundred bucks of office software, you can't take the fall.

Comment A Document Management System? (Score 1) 438

Unsurprisingly, the answer to managing many documents is to use a document management system. There are several commercial and free products available, both linked here and on the Wikipedia page for Document Management Systems.

I've worked next to the team who administered Bentley ProjectWise in a previous engineering job, which is expensive but definitely suited to your task. There may be other good options out there.

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