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Comment Apple is just pure evil, much like Google... (Score 1) 297

Its sad, there was a day I was proud to be an Apple employee, then a contractor on Wall Street, and then back as an OE and consultant with Apple when we were trying to do great things with Entrerprise software and tools. Now that Apple has migrated to a consumer electronics company and behaving as they are, it just stinks and I can't stand the company any more.

Comment Great ruling... (Score 1) 458

The issue is that we have a huge responsibility as a society to have some values, they may and often do vary, for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. If a family doesn't value life then feed them violent games and let the mayhem begin. But don't expect me to pay for the jailing of those offenders when they act out their fantasy in a violent or criminal manner. Teach someone caring, love, tranquility and happiness and likely you will have just that in their and your lives. Teach them violence and they will often result to this as the way to play out their understanding of resolution to a situation. Society, freedom comes with a price. That price is responsible, reasonable teachings to the children and adults if needed via either education in a free society or in the penal system. The US penal system I can only guess loves this ruling, it means more folks showing up for 'work' at the jails.

Comment In most of the world... (Score 2) 86

You can use passive heating and cooling in the design of a structure and do without HVAC for most of the year. Bottom line is architecture and society's whim is responsible for selling inefficient systems to the public, the public is guilty of being dumb/ignorant, and the oil industry sells the stupid people what they want for 2000% over their cost and get stinking filthy rich and powerful. Who's to blame? Nearly everyone!

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