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Comment Re:More HDMI dongle devices coming (Score 2) 104

Different devices on a hotel guest wifi network are not supposed to see each other (and a hotel room wifi login on a ChromeCast dongle seems difficult - to say the least).
ChromeCast in a hotel would be my critical application. Plug it into the Hotel TV, tie it my tablet to it and play local movies or HBO Go.

The best way to solve that would be a direct connection between the dongle and the tablet, not going through the router.
Unless this is fixed by now, I have need to hold out as I have other (better?) means of playing various sources of video at home.

Maybe a third party solution would fix this, however, will it be supported by the third parties like HBO?

Comment Re:Translation ... (Score 1) 893

Yet, in the United States you are required to report to the IRS all your foreign bank accounts if the total value is over $25k, every year.

If you don't, they may not find out, but of they do its a problem for you.
To avoid this, hiding money in shell companies is frowned upon at least.

Comment Re:Any optical drive at all? (Score 1) 587

How easy would it be to emulate the old cell processor on the new hardware to support old titles?
Also, its been made clear by the industry that reselling of games is not the way to the future, delivery (and payment) on demand is.
When you control the delivery mechanism, you control the money flow.

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